“I live with my wife Anna and my beloved Patricia, but he who envies me is mistaken” – Corriere.it

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“I lied a lot and took the dignity of the women close to me,” said born singer Enzo Guinazi. Instead they taught me loyalty. I don’t wish my daughters such a thing.” Addiction: “I was twenty-five a billionaire and then gambled with gambling debts.”

Are there any mortal sins that you do not have?

“(LaughThey are like the seven kings of Rome. It’s hard to remember them all. So I have no envy. Obviously, I wanted other people’s woman. I cheated often. Then I will be proudly strong. Yes, proud and arrogant, even if you are not. Pride has saved me from so many attacks that could have undermined my physical and psychological integrity. Yes, a little pride does no harm.

Bobo, 67, real name Enzo Guinazi: When did you discover you had artistic talent?

“There was no set time. From an early age I felt drawn to the show. When I was five, my father made me perform at the wheat threshing floor. I would put myself at the big dining tables and sing Celentano songs. I felt so relaxed at that point. I had a feeling that I In the right place. I didn’t feel embarrassed. Quite the contrary. I was waiting for them to ask me to perform… In high school I had a teacher with a flaw and I imitated her. Everyone laughed. In short, I was a clown with a suit. Then I started playing because everyone in my family He was inclined to music. There was one uncle in particular who played the flute and the saxophone very well. I slowly realized that this might be my destiny and that my job was to make a show not necessarily by singing. I am now in front of my white piano. There are also guitars. All the instruments I learned to play on my own, I didn’t have a teacher.

So he can’t read music?

“Yes, I can read it. I also studied music in school. I can read it as a novice child. In short, I stop at the five letters of the alphabet ».

Enzo Guinazi has been living for several decades with his wife (Anna) and lover (Patricia) in A Triple Group Management Which is envied by many. He had a passion for gambling and women and often found himself cornered by loan sharks.

It is a path I did not choose. Because it is difficult. There is suffering. It is very easy to dismiss it this way. I am 67, my wife Anna is about 70, Patricia is 62. I was 50 with his wife, 33 with his lover. And do you think it was a simple thing? Or can I recommend a pluralistic relationship like mine to my three daughters or anyone else? But I don’t think about it. I would say: Lost envy. Like those who envy Berlusconi or President of the United States or billionaires and know nothing of what it means to face paths of this kind…So life is also luck, not just a skill. I don’t regret my emotional path which would be easier to deal with today. I’ve dealt with two special women. I’m not the special one , It is important “.

Is she on the right track today?

“Having made so many mistakes and after saying so much nonsense, after having lied so much, having been deprived of the dignity of the women who were around me, I was made better by these two women. They taught me loyalty.”

Have you always had your own style of music too?

“My goal, which I have not publicly acknowledged, was and remains to stay in the middle of the table. In Serie A, of course. But in the middle of the table. That place where no one bothers you, where you feel comfortable. And you can do whatever you want. without giving much attention. In my case something went wrong and I lived in the spotlight.”

Let’s go back to polygamy.

“Polygamy is a widespread and widespread fact in the world. Our culture, education and religion prevent us from polygamy. I have paid and I am paying the consequences of these choices in the sunlight.”

You revealed yourself in two books: “Confession” and “Banko Solo! Diary of a Player Named Bobo ».

“My life has been very eventful on a human and artistic level. I didn’t write any major songs after the hits of the ’70s and ’80s Chocolate ice cream And the over our heads. I only wrote a few songs that were mostly media provocations. I mean Italy my love With Emanuel Filiberto in Sanremo in 2010 where I came close to winning. More than making songs, I have lived and put my life into a limbo unique to Italy. My life has become a true artistic path.”

Why do you work in concerts?

“I am about to start a tour that will touch the whole world in two years. I will finally get the chance to play live on stage. And do you know why all the concerts are sold out? Not only to hear those ten well-known and popular songs. No, the audience comes to listen to my life. In addition to music there are films and my daughter (Clara, 30) sings with a beautiful voice. Together we tell our own family story. people appreciate.”

Do you like to show yourself?

“I don’t like to take the chair. But in a certain way, yes. I’m a survivor. I was never a petty person by the way, Amadeus called me an hour ago. At the end of January, I wrote to him: “You will be a record festival.” Just yesterday he answered me: “Are you the seer?” ».

From your distinguished observatory, how did you see the world and music change?

“I’ve been in the field for fifty years. And I’d say we’re doing a bad job. On the cultural front, we’re in a full-blown state, and it’s a really worrying period of ignorance.”

In 1989 there was a rumor that he had not committed suicide. it’s the truth?

“Yes. I was coming back from the Casino of Venice and I was on a special bridge on the border between Emilia and Tuscany. The bank slaughtered me for an overdraft of 70 million lire. I took out a loan of 50 million from the Casino of Venice. There were also usurers. So I went there to borrow money. And the bank shut up. I didn’t win, but I lost another 50 million and made my situation worse. While driving my Jaguar, I thought of my situation as… Rich in debt. So I parked in the little hard shoulder of the bridge with the idea of ​​ending it all. I was shocked, I couldn’t find a way out. “It was night between Saturday and Sunday and the trucks were parked. All but one: the one who touched me to a millimeter. The explosion moved the car a few centimeters and brought me back to logic.”

Any plans after the tour?

I have decided to put my TV appearance on hold. I find myself very little into this TV. Lots of people go there to show off and say nonsense. The cannibal has become, an end in itself, a self-referential one. If she appears on TV, I must have something exciting to say. What TV pays doesn’t change my life. I am not interested in increasing my popularity. These theaters with legendary artists like Bobby Solo or Fausto Leali are only good for the program and few and nothing for those who participate. So there is no television unless it is a stimulating and entertaining TV show. But at the moment he is not talking about it.”

Decisive encounters in your life?

“Freddy Naghiar, owner of Baby Records. He imagined me and then built me. But he erred in underestimating my term. He deserted me in 1982. He taught me the value of suffering. Meeting with my current manager was key: Umberto Chiaramonte. With him, 25 years ago, we started a difficult business (impossible for me). to some insiders) for artistic repositioning. Looking at the results, I would say that Umberto was good. Then Gianni Morandi who, in addition to my financial assistance, often insulted and harassed me by throwing at me as I was: a little criminal, for I had betrayed the expectations of my mother and my friends. I, he, our accountant Oliviero Franceschi and Gianmarco Mazzi were in a partnership. A company that ran my business and this day belongs entirely to me.”

What will he do and not do it again?

“Seeing the end result, I would have done it all over again. Suffering and mistakes included. At twenty-five I was a billionaire. A few years later I owed $7 billion. Gambling, bad investments. I found myself in a hiccup. I’m here to say it, but it was a miracle. Does not repeat “.

Relationships with girls?

“Beautiful. How much love I get from my family! Hence the daughters and the stepdaughter have a wonderful relationship with each other. You think my grandson Matteo (8 years old), son Valentina, calls Anna and Patricia’s grandmother. I have two other grandchildren, Leonardo (22 years old) and Viola (12 years old), the sons of Ilaria, my eldest daughter. An extended family before the tram ».

I was one of the founders of the National Singers Band…

“Yes, but it is a closed experiment now. Before that it was the big names of the song that enlightened the team, and now it is the singers who have gained popularity from this brand ».

frog swallowed?

“Second place in Sanremo with Emanuel Filiberto. We actually won, but something strange happened in the final vote for the top three. I can’t name the people I spoke to in those moments. The real winners were us. And I had a great debt of gratitude to Ray with whom I worked so well and did not want to mess around.”

What about the war going on in countries you know well?

“It bears in our minds horrific images of death and destruction.”

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