“I was very afraid, but now I’m better. I’m in contact with the Napoli staff.”

In this period of early June dedicated exclusively to national teams, one match above all grabs attention: it is the friendly match between them Uruguay and Panama Disputed last Saturday. In the match between the two American teams, he was also busy Matthias OliveiraThe new acquisition of Napoli. And the left-back, who was published by coach Diego Alonso, suffered a severe injury to his left knee. At first, everyone thought the worst and there was anxiety among the Uruguayan and Napolitan fans. Fortunately, automated tests only mentioned one knee sprain And nothing more serious.

Matias Oliveira injury (Photo by PABLO PORCIUNCULA/AFP via Getty Images)

Today, during an interview with Radio Uruguay Sports 890And the Matias Oliveira talks about his injury against Panama. Here are his words.

I am better, although it is clear that the knee is still swollen. At first, when I immediately entered the opponent, I was very afraid, it could have been worse. Thank God it was just a sprain, I have three weeks of recovery.

I will be staying here in Uruguay on vacation and now obviously I will rest more and recover to make a good retreat. I’m doing physical therapy to progress a little bit with the temporary staffThe. I tried to stay on the field last night, but I felt so much pain: when I felt a little crunch in my knee, I thought the worst, I thought I broke my cross. Waiting for the results I was very worried, a thousand things went through my head, but then the doctor gave me good news and I went home happy.

Call me Napoli staff, to check my condition. They were afraid, and I am in constant contact with the Neapolitan doctor, and he always asks me how my recovery is going. I really want to get to know them all from the club.

On the 4th of July I will be in ItalyAround June 28, I go back to Spain and organize the transfer. I was used to Madrid, and now a new experience has begun to live completely. Gargano and Cavani praised Naples: Cavani told me fans are demandingThey are always on our side. It’s an important responsibility, because the club is under a lot of pressure but I will do my best“.

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