If you use it in a parking lot you get a fine

give rest – The hot It’s been felt all over Italy for a few weeks now and has become hard to bear even when you find yourself driving around in your car, and even more so if you’re grinding kilometers every day for work reasons. Fortunately, the conditioning, allowing the problem to be alleviated, especially if you leave your car parked for hours in the sun. Perhaps not everyone knows, but the administration of this useful supplement must be carried out carefully in order to avoid facing unpleasant consequences. It is the road code that gives the appropriate indications in this regard.

In the park it should be off – But be careful, although air conditioning is useful in very hot weather, on days when you feel oppressively hot, it cannot be used indiscriminately. Not everyone knows, in fact, that it is It is forbidden to keep When the car parked, like someone might be tempted to do for example when they are stopped to wait for a family member or friend. There is a specific reference in Section 157 of the Highway Code, which states: “It is prohibited to continue running the engine while the vehicle is parked, in order to keep the vehicle’s air conditioning system operating.”

good salt – Everything is connected with the desire to preserve the environment and thus reduce pollution, an aspect that has now become a necessity for all car manufacturers. Keep air conditioner When stationary, in fact, this implies the need not to turn off the engine (unless you have an electric model), thus spreading the emissions into the surrounding air. The only exception is situations where you are stopped at traffic lights or in a queue. there Finein fact, it can be transmitted from From 223 to 444 euros.

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