Island 16, Licia Nunez confesses to quitting the reality show

After being one of the competitors of the fourth edition of big brother vipAnd the Lycia Nunez landed in Celebrity Islanda reality show that the protagonist has only seen for a few weeks. Then the police actress chose to withdraw from the game, deciding not to sign a continuation of the contract. In an exclusive interview with Superguidatv.itAnd the Lycia He admitted the real reason behind leaving the reality show:

I got full support from my managers Marco Durante de La Presse Management Unlike some of my friends who know I’m leaving for Celebrity Island You handed me to die. I warned them that I was going to do a presentation clip in which I said I would reach the final which was scheduled for May 23.

A few weeks before my departure, I had heard about the extension but had already made other commitments that it was right to honor. There were no conditions on the island for you to be able to put it off, and just as I fulfilled the contract I signed with Island Productions, it was right that I also respected the other obligations that were made. I realized the audience was standing beside me after beating some TV. I was sure when I got back to Italy and had the opportunity to read the comments on social media. The audience’s emotion was my biggest victory.

during the interview, Lycia Nunez Then reveal who he wants to win Celebrity Island:

I would like to win Carmen de Petro. Even if he keeps complaining about food, Carmen She followed a linear path and was always present in all the dynamics. She is a nice woman and has never been aggressive.

Great sympathy is not born instead Blind and Roger Baldwin. Lycia Nunez The two were accused of having no characteristics:

I did not establish friendship relations but acquaintance relations. The one who showed his true temper by talking badly to me and saying that I wouldn’t deserve the trust of other untouchables Present. I also explained to him that trust is a result of the friendship that has developed between two people and that he has never expressed any intention of having anything to do with me. Roger ended up not trusting anyone because he was fake to everyone.

Those who gave me like false or built Present or like the blind They have shown that they have no personality other than being liars. Present She gave birth to a poorly written script among other things for a relationship with stefania. They were the real actors. I did nothing but be myself. I wasn’t interested in the game itself because some of the dynamics aren’t mine. There were some outcasts who, in order to achieve their goal, also infected people and I did not like it.

and talking about Estefania Bernal:

with stefania There were personality differences. She and I have a different mindset. stefania He is someone who plays and knows how to play. But for me, the game is never interested. At first I didn’t understand that she was a good player and instead it turned out that she was. The fact that with stefania We also battled over having a different approach to life. We are two smart women, we made it clear and reset what happened.

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