Isola dei Famosi, Lory Del Santo and Marco Cucolo in crisis: a press release announces it

It’s a tough moment for the two former Isola dei Famosi outcasts, who have been engaged for nine years: that’s what happens.

Laurie Del Santo and Marco Cocolo are in crisis. This is confirmed by Mediaset press release regarding Preliminary for the twenty-third episode of L’Isola dei Famosi Live broadcast live Channel 5.

Lory Del Santo will be a guest at the studio to talk about her relationship in crisis with Marco Cucolo precisely because of what happened on the island: has their story really come to an end? Read today’s press release.

Laurie and Marco, Both are veterans of an extended stay on the beaches of Honduras on their adventure as castaways from the 16th edition of the reality show. TV Showgirl Was Killed While cuckoo He had to leave after suffering from a health problem in his liver and stomach.

Shortly before the elimination of Del Santo Some misunderstanding with his partner arose from the showgirl’s behavior with other untouchables. Precisely for this reason, clarification is needed between them, which will take place tonight during Episode 23. The actress herself, answers fans’ questions on ‘s Instagram profile realityShe admitted that she had some differences with her boyfriend during their adventure:

“I’ve been with Marco for nine years and so our love is very real, but I think La Isola has made him adapt a little bit!

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