“It’s the most contagious of all, here are the symptoms. The dangers of the summer wave.” Interview with Brigliasco

After six weeks of subsidence, the epidemic curves are starting to rise again in Italy. Infections from Covid-19 increased by about 30,000 seven days ago. The number of casualties increased by 73 units. These are the data that emerge from the analysis of the Bulletin of the Ministry of Health for the week of June 6-12, 2022. The rise in cases will also confirm the prevalence of BA.5 in Italy, the new sub-sub variant of Omicron much more contagious than the previous sisters.

Meanwhile, the roadmap to bid farewell to anti-Covid restrictions is on track. tomorrow June 15the more than 50-year vaccination obligation will end, and for school and law enforcement agencies workers. Masks are also stopped indoors, but there is still discussion about the possibility of extending the obligation on transportation.

However, the virus continued to spread and cases of hospitalizations and intensive treatments began to rise again. Is there a risk of a tsunami in the summer? And what autumn will it be? We talked about it with Fabrizio Brigliasco, MD, medical director of the Eriks Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute in Milan. Omicron 5 is more contagious than measles and chickenpox. High risk of infection in summer.

Professor Brigliasco, after six weeks, the infection begins to grow again, in Lombardy + 48%. What is happening?

It’s definitely a combined effect. On the other hand, reopening, because the virus has a better chance of catching us because of the crowds and reduced attention. This exists and must be taken into account. Then certainly another limiting factor is the prevalence of BA.5, the new sub-variant of Omicron is more contagious than its predecessors. The vaccine continues to protect against severe disease, but remains weak at avoiding infection. An increase in cases has already been recorded in South Africa, Portugal and Germany, so it was to be expected.

Is tides possible in summer?

There will be an upward trend. I hope there are waves like a stone in a pond, with fewer and less heavy waves. We are in a pandemic transition phase. Because of the Omicron 5 infection, the unknown to predict the expected wave of the fall season. We must prepare for the worst-case scenario to be prepared.

Could Omicron 5 be more dangerous than previous variants?

Omicron 5 has an R0 close to 20 and is more contagious than measles and chickenpox, but causes one or less of the same type of disease as the previous sub variants. The symptoms to look for are always the same, fever and stuffy nose. At the first signs of a severe airway infection, take a swab.

From tomorrow’s stop to inner masks. There is still controversy over the obligation on transportation. What is its position?

Regarding transportation, it will be necessary to keep it, because we spend a lot of time together nearby. But it is a political choice.

Omicron 5 spreads quickly. What fall will it be, the fourth dose of all?

In the fall, we should expect a resurgence of infections, as Covid steals the show from the flu. As for vaccination, we do not call it the fourth dose. It will be a periodic vaccination that is carried out in the fall, as is the case with influenza. Offered to all and highly recommended for the weak.

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