Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, secret wedding at an exclusive hotel in Georgia

Jennifer Lopez And the Ben Affleck They have become husband and wife but no one knows. Or at least they will be, because it’s hard to get confirmation of the secret marriage between the two stars, which, one year after the two returned, would have taken place in the expanses of the Ritz-Carlton Reynolds near the lake. Oconee, Georgia. Difficult because the Bennifers would have had all the people involved – the guests and the organizers – sign a very strict confidentiality agreement so that the news would not be revealed in any way. At least before their decision to disclose it.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: a sexual clause appears in the prenuptial contract

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One of the spaces & quot;  wedding & quot;  The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds Hotel

One of the “wedding” spaces at the Ritz-Carlton Reynolds

So a few and a select few guests would appear in the shots that could have been sold, with super exclusives, to an American magazine. But someone nearby noticed the movement around the hotel and some chatter started to circulate. Also because the fact that, for a few days, the Ritz-Carton Reynolds (an elegant structure, often used for parties and banquets) closed its doors for a few days, is evident for organizing the celebration.

Jennifer Lopez: “This is why Ben and I broke up in 2004”

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A perfect structure for a wedding, away from the flashes of the paparazzi, in the middle of unspoiled nature, near a lake and hidden among the dense vegetation. Organizers and even those directly involved – neither confirm nor deny.

Just as it does not filter any name for potential guests, it can appear among them Marc Anthonyex-husband of Jennifer Lopez: a ten-year marriage, from 2004 to 2014, devoted the birth of twins Maximilian and Emma and transformed after separation into a friendship.

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