Juventus, Luis Suarez presents himself after two years of mock test in Perugia

Allegri demanded expert and winning players: after two years of mock examination in Perugia, the now-released Uruguayan striker is a candidate. But the Bianconeri are waiting for the Argentine to leave Real and developments on Morata

“Does the team lack amalgam? Tell me where he plays and I can buy him.” Angelo Massimino, the historic president of Catania who passed away in 2005, made it easy in that interview that made the fortune of two seasons of My Dairy Goal. Amalgam cannot be purchased. Even the spirit of winning cannot be brought into the team with a bank transfer, no matter how rich it is. But you can work on making it grow, even in a young group who’s lost a bit of a habit (or haven’t found it yet) with the cups up. The safest way is to bring something into the locker room that knows how to do it.

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