Juventus, what a surprise: readers reject Di Maria, the ideal abroad is another | Market

The perfect attacking winger for Juventus? Surprising for readers CalcioMercato.com It’s not Angel Di MariaMax Allegre’s favorite. And the It’s not even Domenico Berardi, which returned years later to the old lady’s radar. On the more than 1,600 votes that reached the editorial office, in response to our poll, In fact, the majority point to the Brazilian Anthony as the perfect player for the Bianconeri. Anthony was born in 2000, under contract with Ajax until 2025, and has a market value of about 40 million euros, followed by several major European clubs (Manchester United in particular), in addition to Juventus. Among the profile names in our survey, they are definitely the most expensive.

Survey Summary

Juventus looking for attacking outsiders. Who would be perfect for Allegri?

Maria – 21.4% – 362 votes

costic – 23.4% – 396 votes

Berardi – 17.3% – 292 votes

Neris – 5% – 84 votes

Anthony – 32.9% – 557 votes

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