Kim Kardashian ruins Marilyn Monroe’s dress

While Kim kardashian One posted a celestial shot over the other from a secret location in the tropics, but another controversy erupted over it in the United States. The star is on vacation with her boyfriend Pete Davidson And by the sea, she’s clearly wearing a bikini. But the crime is about a dress, and what a dress!

Iconic dress

Kim Kardashian ruins Marilyn Monroe's dress worn at the Met Gala
Marilyn Monroe and Kim Kardashian in the same dress

At the beginning of May photos Kim kardashian On the red carpet of Met Gala 2022 Travel fast around the worldHere are the details). Although there was a strong curiosity about the formal release with her house, the attention was mainly focused on the dress that the entrepreneur chose for the event. Kim actually appeared on the red carpet in her dress Marlin Monroe She wore it in 1962 at Madison Square Garden in New York to sing “Happy Birthday Mister President” a John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Beige mermaid model, created by Jean Louispart of the collective imagination and belongs to the history of fashion.

strict diet

Kim Kardashian ruins Marilyn Monroe's dress worn at the Met Gala
slender physique on screen

mark dead Gala (Here are the most successful looks from the 2022 editionThe dress has been loaned Kim kardashian From Ripley’s believe it or not! museum Orlando. An exceptional privilege, given that the gown was purchased by the Florida Museum in 2018 for an exorbitant sum of nearly $5 million. It was Kardashian herself who admitted during the party that she was forced to lose 7 kilograms to fit into the tight dress. In fact, the curators originally refused her permission due to his weight. At the same time, it was announced how Kim immediately changed after the usual photos, wearing a replica, so that the original could be better preserved.

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serious damage

Kim Kardashian ruins Marilyn Monroe's dress worn at the Met Gala
rips in the dress

The crazy care of the museum directors was clearly not enough. Here we come to the controversy. Pictures posted on Instagram show the damage done to the dress after wearing it Kim kardashian. A tear in the delicate tissue, loss of crystals or attached to a thread: the pictures in comparison speak for themselves. The social comments weren’t long in coming. Why did they make him wear it? – Handled with white gloves, kept in a box and then loaned to Kim? Did they not see how hard it was to climb her thighs? It was supposed to be broken.

the value

Kim Kardashian ruins Marilyn Monroe's dress worn at the Met Gala
The star stands with the iconic dress

The last statement was made in particular shortly after the evening. In fact, some shots were circulating that showed how the dress did not close on the famous B side of Kim kardashian. To hide this, she has always been depicted with white fur falling on her buttocks. After Kim wore it, the dress was said to be worth about $10 million. Will this still be true after this scandal? Take a look at the pictures of the dress and the damages reported in the gallery.

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