Lukaku in London to free himself from Chelsea. Inter is express? Plan

The Nerazzurri and the Belgian striker are working to convince Chelsea to let him go to Milan

The deadline is approaching, Romelu Lukaku In a hurry to return to Inter. The striker continues to work to return to wearing the Nerazzurri shirt, a task that will be completed by June 30, the deadline to benefit from the growth decree.

Big Rom has left the Belgian club due to an ankle injury and will not participate in the “Red Devils” trip to Poland. For him, the breaking ranks began, even if the real goal now remains to convince Chelsea to let him go towards Milan.

Such as Corriere dello SportAnd the lukaku He is ready to go from a first person perspective and go to London to meet Chelsea and get the green light to return to the Nerazzurri’s colors.

For the Belgian, this is the third “escape”: “All precedents are in his favor to some extent: yes that happened a year ago, when he wanted the Blues at all costs, and 2019, when he moved from Manchester United to Inter.“.

At the moment Chelsea denied the possibility of obtaining a free loan. The Blues set the rate first at 25 million and then 20 million for the loan. For its part, Inter ruled out the hypothesis of including a counterpart in the negotiations (Dumfries). The Nerazzurri realized that it would not be enough to pay the salary to restore Lukaku: an agreement could be reached for a figure of close to 10 million euros.

“Inter will benefit from the fact that the Blues will provide the very intense participation of the Big Rom, which requires a total, including bonuses, a cost of 28-29 million. Instead, there will also be work to be done on the overall formula of the operation. While it is still The annual loan is in place, the idea is to create a more straightforward process. In essence, pre-agreements will be made to renew the loan for another season once the first loan has been exhausted, and therefore in the summer of 2023. In 2024, instead, Inter will redeem the card.”

The process of returning Lukaku to Milan is set not only for one season. But Inter and the Belgian are in a hurry: June 30 is approaching and the “deadline” for the growth decree looms.

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