Milan, from Messias to de Kitilari: a point in the market

After winning the Scudetto, the Milan Wants to assert himself, and promote the team to Pioli, while waiting to be determined Renovations From pleasure And the Paolo MaldiniThe contract expires on June 30, 2022.

Milan, as de Kitellari. Borouge asks for 25/30 million

Milan’s most liked profile is de Kettleri subordinate zodiac. However, at the moment, there are no official contacts with the Belgian club, which estimates the player at around 25/30 million. The arrival of de Ketelaere eventually will rule it out of raspaduri.


Another highly appreciated profile by Milan, also from Bruges, is that of Noa lang. However, an outsider born in ’99 occupies the same role as him Liao. Still regarding the attack, access Originwhich with JerrodAnd the Ibrahimovic In the end Rebekexcludes the possibility of access Skamka.

The ransom chapter: Messias and Florenzi


In the meantime, the Rossoneri club is working on compensation Junior Messias from Croton. In the next few hours, new meetings are planned with Calabria to reach an agreement worth about 4 million euros. Another ransom that’s starting to pay off now is a ransom Alessandro Florenzi From Rome, and this, too, will end with a discount in favor of the Rossoneri. Milan, in fact, will replace Florenzi with a figure of about 2.7 million. 1.8 million less than the 4.5 agreed last season.

Night Chapter: Sanchez and Putman

In the past few hours, Lille tried to raise the demands of Renato Sanchez, but the negotiations are now over. As for Putman, despite the tracks having cooled in recent days, with Newcastle continuing to push, the player is willing to wait for Milan.

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