Monkeypox changes its name against discrimination –

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The Director-General of the World Health Organization has called on the committee to determine whether it is an international emergency

who works To change the name to monkeypox. As already happened to Covidcalled from a certain moment onwards to prevent the coronavirus epidemic from getting to know China, also for what is called in English monkeypox will find it another definition.

The decision announced WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesuscomes after the call of names,
thirty scientists
who pointed out last week the urgent need for research non-discriminatory name And the Do not create any stigma towards AfricaAnd more The geographical origin of the epidemic is unknown.

WHO Emergency Committeeexplained the head of the organization, which was summoned on June 23. We are working on a solution with partners and experts from all over the world, elAnnouncing the new definition will be done as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the spread of the disease worries the World Health Organization Considering whether it is an international emergency. Tedros said the outbreak of monkeypox is unusual and alarming. It is also for this reason that I decided to convene the emergency committee meeting.

The European Commission is about to expire Contract for the acquisition of 110 thousand doses of the vaccine against monkeypox, which will soon be available to member states that need it most. This is a clear signal – the European Commissioner for Health said Stella Kyriakides – That Hera (the European Commission’s Health Preparedness and Response Authority) can respond effectively to health threats.

Since May 18 and I About 900 cases have been reported in 19 EU member states, Norway and Iceland. Depending on the largest number of cases, deliveries of vaccine doses will begin as early as the end of June for priority member states that have been granted national exemptions for vaccines. In Italy In the meantime, according to the latest available data, they will be counted 31 confirmed casesto which a . is added First infection confirmed in Piedmont.

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