Moscow ramps up work, Kyiv pilots trained by USA-

When the invasion began, the Air Force had a limited role, and now it could increase sorties by focusing on Donbass. The Ukrainian also made her contribution

Photo from the Severodonetsk sector: showing the S300 anti-aircraft system, which is used to counter aircraft at high altitudes. Ukrainians do not have much and the truth Sending him close to the front indirectly testifies to the need to fend off a growing threat. Even the stories of battle veterans confirm how the Russian Air Force intensified its work. When the invasion began to play a limited role, it lost fighters, Now he will increase his counties by focusing on Donbass: In recent days, the Moscow Defense Ministry claimed responsibility for attacks on military facilities, warehouses and vehicles, and also broadcast a video of Putin’s war Z-branded Su-29 aircraft performing low-flying missions. The increase associated with the protection guaranteed – in part – by Shield sent by the army: The short and long-range missiles that must repel any raid by the small but Kyiv-designed air forces.

Despite the low number and quality of means, The air force of the defenders contributed to this. This is despite the Russian statements to exterminate him. Ukrainian Sukhoi and MiG avoided being exterminated, but paid the price for it. On February 25 it was aDefeat the famous pilot, Colonel Oleksandr Oksinchenko, also known as Gray Wolf: He left his flying suit, but put it on again to protect the nation. became a name icon An American special team, the Gray Wolf, was created at the Ramstein baseIn Germany.

Here is a patrol of 15 soldiers – including pilots, weapons and logistics officers – Helps flying in Ukraine remotely. They collect data, advise and act as an intermediary thanks to the presence of a liaison officer to find quick solutions. As stated on the site coffee or mateAnd the There are pitfalls to overcome: The crew has less autonomy than their American colleagues, the equipment is not compatible with the supplied aircraft, and not everything can be shared for safety reasons. Pragmatism, however, helps.

Ukrainian hunters showed courage and efficiency. It is possible that the defense dispersed the vehicles in the small airports to save them from the missile strikes of the invaders: Putin’s planes are only venturing west. I wonder if they use some method as a path, b Camouflaged planes in a farm shed A support core is limited to what is necessary, a technology that has been developed over decades in Western countries. Then they rely on low-flying missionsTo try to contain the risks and possibly follow the correct coordinates of the targets thanks to UAV reconnaissance and US intelligence. Operations always require close integration, and also to avoid friendly fire.

A large arsenal will be needed. President Zelensky, in his persistent request, urged Washington to supply him with MiG-29 fighters of Polish origin, but the plan was halted by the White House’s refusal so as not to increase tensions with the Kremlin. Kyiv had to settle for spare parts – This is the official version – and some of those who arrived in Sukhoi left Bulgaria. Pentagon balanced with outside help, Involve the Gray Wolf team and do not hinder special initiatives. One American pilot, Drew Armey, and his Ukrainian wife Anastasia have launched a fundraising campaign to purchase support materials, from small transmitters to rescue groups.

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