Municipal elections, live results | Correct victories in Palermo, Genoa and L’Aquila. The Democratic Party holds Padua and Taranto and defeats Lodi. Polling in Catanzaro and Parma

The full picture of the capitals was updated at 11 pm

Thirteen ballot papers (in 7, center left in front, 6 in center right), 9 mayors already in center right (even if the Civic List is in Messina), 4 in center left: this is far from the picture of the result of the first round of municipalities 2022, net count still in progress late evening.
The strongest influence on the geography of political affiliations closely affects the four regional capitals that went to vote, with the center-right reasserting in the first round the L’Aquilawith Pierluigi Blondeit’s at Genoa with Marco BucciBut above all a successful project to grab city center left Palermowith Roberto for the sake of. Dry from four to zero just in case Valerio Donato It should be able to impose itself on catanzaro in the poll. The most obvious result for the left of the center was with Lodi Andrea Furigato Which tore the municipality from the right of the center.

Here’s a picture of the major cities that went to vote on renewing their municipal councils, with polling still in progress (the outgoing council in parentheses).

eagle (cd) Ballot, in the main CD
Viterbo (cd) Ballot paper, in preliminary papers
Reti (cd) center right
Frosinone (cd) Ballot, in the main CD
como (cd) Ballot paper, in preliminary papers
to praise (cd) center left
Monza (cd) Ballot, in the main CD
Belluno (Sword) center right
Padua (cs) center left
Verona (cd) Ballot paper, in preliminary papers
Luca (c) Ballot, in preliminary papers
Pistoia (cd) center right
Parma (ex M5s) Ballot paper, in front cs
piacenza (cd) Ballot paper, in preliminary papers
Palermo (cs) center right
Messina (Comis.) Right of the civilian center
Alexandria (cd) Ballot paper, in preliminary papers
ASTI (cd) center right
wedge (cs) center left
Barletta (Comis) Ballot, the main CD
Taranto (Comis) center left
Genoa (cd) center right
spices (cd) center right
Gorizia (cd) Ballot, in the main CD
catanzaro (cd) Ballot, in the main CD
Oristano (cd) center right

Point on 26 capital | In 2017, the center-right was above 20-6. Today 10 – 3:13 city in the poll

victory Genoareaffirms it L’Aquila“the conquest” Palermo. But how has it been voted in other capitals that it can act as a thermometer on the shapes that voters take after one year? 2023 سياسات Policies? In all, the county capitals that had to renew the councils and town halls last Sunday 26:20 were led by lists or coalitions to bring them back to the center right, and 6 to the center left. According to the data available at the moment (hence the caveat that in some cases the outcome may not be final), the center-right won, after the first round, in 10 municipalities: L’AquilaAnd the RietiGenoa spicesasti OristanoMessina PalermoPistoia Belluno. Two of them were kidnapped from the center left: Palermo and Belluno. The center left elected, after the first round, 3 mayors of the capital: A to praiseto me Tarantoto me Padova. In one case (Lodi), the center-right had ruled before yesterday. In the remaining 12 district municipalities a second round will be required: in 5 cases the centre-right candidate will have preference (catanzaroGorizia MonzaAlexandria, Barletta), in 7 cases the center-left filter has the advantage: ParmaPiacenza Viterbocomo wedgeLuca Verona).

Data updated at 8.18pm

Ritchie (BD): “We are number one on the voting list.”

Strong, rooted, solid mayoral candidates win in municipalities. Center left wins the first round in Padova, Lodi and Taranto. The Democratic Party is the first party on the voting list.” President Ali and Democratic Mayors Coordinator Matteo Ricci wrote in a tweet: “Now belly on the ground, many ballot papers that could put important cities back in the center left.”

Lita: “It will be more positive in the second round”

The Democratic Party’s view of the administration is “definitely positive” and “I am sure it will be more positive on the ballot: there will be many candidates from the center-left with very strong expectations.” Democratic Secretary Enrico Letta said this in a video on Instagram.

Meloni: “Fossi Lega and Forza Italia I’m leaving government”

“If I were in their place, I would.” This was stated by the leader of the Italian brothers, Giorgia Meloni, at a press conference in Via della Scrova, after he asked Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi to leave the government.

YouTrend Analysis: “The Brothers of Italy before the League in 12 of the 16 municipalities to vote in the North”

The image that appears from the first polling data for these administrative elections confirms that league The center-right first party’s primacy has been lost to Italy brothers Also in the northern regions.” This emerges from an analysis conducted by YouTrend. “In 16 metropolitan municipalities in the north-central regions (ie From Tuscany onwardsWhere the vote – Press release continues – Partial statements processed by YouTrend see Giorgia Meloni’s party in front of 12 caseswhile the league will only be ahead Belluno and (a little) a como. head to head instead to praise, where both lists are currently submitted at 6.6%. In fact, it must be said that the audit, in almost all cases, is in its very early stages. However, if the final data confirm this picture, it will be very negative news for the League, which after being overtaken by the Fdi in national opinion polls aims to maintain primacy at least in the municipalities of the northern regions, where the party said: It was always by Umberto Bossi What has always been more historically rooted.”

Watermelon for allies: ‘the majority is far from the country’

“The M5s does not hit the double digits: it is in sharp decline. Even when the skin changes, the situation is at risk: we must reflect that the first force in Parliament is no longer present in the country. Even Draghi’s authority with such a proliferation is not. This vote It raises our questions, I tell the allies, if we need the support of Draghi and this Parliament.” This was stated by the leader of the Brothers of Italy, Georgia Meloni, at a press conference on Via della Scrova. “There is a majority far from the country.”

Meloni: “Italy’s brothers pull the center-right. The return of healthy polarity “

“There is a return to healthy polarity: the center right is clear, compact and alternative left. This is what voters are asking of us. Fdi is growing everywhere with very important data. FdI is the driving force of the center right that explains its position.” This was stated by the leader of the Italian Brotherhood, Giorgia Meloni, at a press conference in Via della Scrova.

Meloni: “Italy’s brothers are satisfied, the center-right asserts itself”

I make no secret of the FdI’s satisfaction. We must start by saying that the center-right is imposing itself in these elections. I heard during the election campaign that whoever wins these elections wins politics. I do not know if he will say it again … ”. This was stated by the leader of the Italian Brotherhood, Giorgia Meloni, at a press conference in Via della Scrova.

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