Nations League: Italy defeated, Germany won 5-2 – Football

Defeat for Italy, lost 5-2 From Germany in the Nations League match that was held in Mönchengladbach.

“It’s a pity it ended like this, we gave up a lot in the first half, we let them play, but the group is still open.” So coach Roberto Mancini on Ray 1, after the five goals Germany reduced against the Azzurri in the Nations League. He added, “There were some mistakes, we didn’t defend well as a team. If you expose yourself to a counterattack against these players, you take a risk.” Heavy Knockout “Doesn’t change anything in our path, we have two matches in September and many young players have appeared.” “We were unlucky on 4-5 occasions that we could have reopened the match,” concluded the coach.
“There is no excuse. Nothing worked tonight. We have to look at each other and figure out what happened. We can’t be those.” Gianluigi Donnarumma, captain of the national team, speaks to the RaiSport microphones. “As a captain, I take all the responsibility – adds the goalkeeper, I also answer a question about his mistake that led to the fifth German goal – but now don’t come and tell me about Real’s goal…”.

90′ + 4 in Goal Sticks at the end of the game

87′ A brief interruption of the match at Borussia Park due to the invasion of three spectators, who entered the stadium during the Nations League between Germany and Italy. They were soon stopped by the referees and the match resumed.

78 ‘goal De Gonto, who takes advantage of a rebound and hits the net from a step from the goal line (5-1)

69′ still in Goal Werner (5-0)

68 ‘ It’s Werner’s turn.4-0)

51 ‘ Goal, Trio for Germany with Muller (3-0)

The second half started, the Azzurri started better, shooting twice with Cristante (47′ and 49′) and once with Calabria (48′).

40′ + 4 goal on penalty kick by Gundogan (2-0)

40′ + 2 foul by Bastoni, penalty kick for Germany at the end

40′ Great save by Donnarumma after a strong final for Werner

39 ‘Germany missed a good chance with Sane

35′ high shot from Barilla, on one of the Azzurri’s few occasions

Flick’s team plays better

33 & # 39; Germany almost doubled with Hoffmann, Donnarumma saves

30 ‘False pass back by the Germans, but Raspadori failed to capitalize on it, Hassan Neuer

More possession of the ball for the Germans, but the Blues fail to impress

22′ header by Cristante, the ball touched the crossbar

The start of the match with the most convincing German

10 ‘Goal by Kimmich with a penalty kick, unrelated to Donnarumma (1-0)

9 & # 39; Raspadori failed to take advantage of a fantastic opportunity, Para Noir

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