Navalny has been moved, and no one knows where he is –

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Dissident spokesman Alexei Navalny wrote that Putin’s opponent was “removed” from the prison he was in: his lawyer was only told that he was in prison where he was “there is no more

Alexei Navalny was no longer in the penal colony in which he was imprisoned, and his lawyer had no idea where he was.

This was stated by the spokesman for the defector, the most famous opponent of Vladimir Putin.
“Navalny has been taken from IK-2,” his spokesman Kira Yarmesh wrote, the prison he was in. “The lawyer who went to visit him was held at the prison gate until two in the afternoon, and then was simply told: ‘There is no prisoner with that name here.’ We do not know where he is nor to which penal colony he was taken.

Navalny has been in the Pokrov Ik-2 penal colony in Russia’s Vladimir region since last year. In February 2021, the Kremlin’s number one enemy was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for violating the surveillance regime. He had just returned from Germany, where he had been treated after being poisoned with the nerve agent, novichok. The main suspects are Russian intelligence. Upon returning home after recovering, Navalny was arrested for violating the surveillance system.
Last March, his prison sentence was extended for another 9 years, on new criminal charges: widespread fraud and contempt of court. The fraud allegations point to an alleged misappropriation of his anti-corruption foundation funds: “artificial charges” to keep the dissident in prison for as long as possible, his lawyers say.

And the Russian authorities said two weeks ago that they had opened a new investigation against him On charges of “forming an extremist group to spread hatred against officials and an oligarch” and trying to organize unauthorized demonstrations. The accusations he described as “politically motivated” like all the others. Basmani court in Moscow issued arrest warrants for four of its close collaborators: the ex-director of the anti-corruption institution Ivan Zhdanov, former lawyers of the same institution, Lyubov Sobol and Vyacheslav Gimadi, and the former coordinator of regional offices Leonid Volkov.
His adviser on economic and international affairs fled abroad to avoid imprisonment, Vladimir Milov Former Russian Deputy Energy Minister in 2002. In an interview with Corriere last week, he declared that sanctions against Russia do “more than they seem. They degrade the standard of living and the future of Russia’s industry ».

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