Near the ransom of Messias to Florenzi. De Kitilari’s goal number 1

An agreement was reached with Rome (with the opponent), in the coming days a meeting with Crotone. Maldini and Massara in pressure on Bruges de Kitilari

LEAO, social “hello” to the Renato basins
The most interested Milan fan did not miss a comment by Rafael Liao on Instagram by Renato Sanches, among others, several days ago. The striker chose to comment with a red dot and a black dot on the image of the Lille midfielder, a wonderful Rossoneri goal. Kind of welcoming a citizen?

Putman completes himself: Newcastle Ultimate
The relationship between Milan and Sven Putman appears to be much more complex than can be assumed after the agreements reached last winter. Between the Rossoneri and the Dutch midfield there is the up-and-coming play of Lille, with Newcastle as the counterpart to this auction. However, the Magpies are not willing to wait any longer and have decided to issue an ultimatum to the player and the French club at the weekend: Lille have been informed that the £30m offer will not be adjusted and the player will have to do so. Choose whether to force anyway.. the hand to move to the Premier League or wait for Milan again.

All for the black mail of Florenzi
All in order to rid Alessandro Florenzi of Roma: after the excellent season, the blue side will remain with the Rossoneri permanently. An agreement was reached with the Giallorossi for 2.7 million euros, and therefore with a significant discount on the 4.5 million euros agreed last summer.

Also near the redemption of Messias
In the next few days, and perhaps even in the next few hours, a new date is expected between Rossoneri and Crotone to try to keep the Brazilian in Milan. White smoke seems to be nearby, knowing that it can be found near 4 million euros.

Maldini and Masara ready for Blitz 4 de Kettler
First, contract renewals expire at the end of June (a formality, only signatures are expected), then the decisive acceleration in the market. Maldini and Massara are working on the new Milan and are ready to lock in shots already in the barrel for some time – Origi and Sanches, both are already in the safe – and attempt the decisive attack on what is considered the main objective of the Rossoneri transfer campaign: Charles de Ketelaere. The 21-year-old talent from Brugge is very much liked by the Milan management, which appears willing to put in a figure close to the 40 million requested by the Belgian club. However, first, the organizational chart must be identified and the ball passed, therefore, to Jerry Cardinale, who in reality only has to put the stamp on Maldini and Massara’s contracts. Immediately after that, and with greater clarity on the available budget, the AC Milan transfer team will move to closing. Close, because interviews have been active for some time and are being renewed day by day. In that sense, the week has all the atmosphere of being if not decisive, then certainly very important.

NAINGGOLAN paid for in Italy
AS Roma and former Inter Milan Radja Nainggolan gave an interview to Gazzetta dello sport He also talks about Brugge’s talent in Milan landmarks: “He is a very strong player and he needs exactly this: to test himself in a more competitive context than the current one. De Ketelaere won the last three tournaments here, and in the last two seasons he has been the undisputed star of the team. Can you aspire to him too? His journey in Belgium is over, and he has to prove himself elsewhere.”

Brahim Diaz’s confirmation for another year has been confirmed
Milan and Real Madrid met to discuss the future of Brahim Diaz. No change: The loan has been confirmed for 2 years. Ibrahim will wear the Rossoneri for another season, after which Satan will be able to practice the redemption set at 22 million, with the Whites’ counter-redemption offset at 27 million. For the Spaniard, season X begins: the four goals in forty appearances this year are too few to aspire to value a market comparable to the amount agreed to redeem the Rossoneri.

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