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After the turbulent launch of Fallout 76 – here is our review of Fallout 76 – Bethesda Softworks has focused almost exclusively on realizing a real dream: launching an ambitious new IP after decades of working on franchises already known to the general public. After the massive acquisition by Microsoft, Starfield has become somewhat of a standard-bearer for the Bethesda Division, as well as the exclusive Microsoft universe of critical importance to the Redmond giant. Five years after the announcement, enthusiast Todd Howard has stepped onto the Xbox and Bethesda gaming platform to make way for a full-blown space-adventure gameplay, which has been confirmed to be the least ambitious but also features, at least for the moment, in various aspects of a technical nature. .

Classroom preparation

Howard has never hidden his desire to create an RPG with few precedents, an adventure in which the player can determine any aspect of his ego, Leaves him free to explore the vast universe as he sees fit.

Howard’s words fade as the first images of Crete, the moon of the planet Ancelon, appear on screen, and the cold, misty look the frame shows is breathtaking. Scattered mountain ranges get lost in the mist covering the desolate planet, as a cold light illuminates a sci-fi postcard scene and a spacecraft approaches its landing point. The car’s motion is smooth, gliding naturally in the winds of an unknown planet but the camera’s approach highlights a polygonal model of the aircraft that is not entirely convincing. The protagonist abandoned the spaceship, and took his first steps on this planet It offers the player two viewing options: The person in the first person reduces the visual field but increases the immersion significantly, while the person in the third person separates us from the censored character to give more breaths to a detailed world.

There seem to be hostile life forms on this planet, but they choose to ignore the human and walk away moving in a herd, and the general quality of the animals observable throughout the duration of the trailer seemed very high, both in terms of visual detail. of realistic creatures. while exploring The other ego gets information about the unknown system It scans the elements around it, in order to show a kind of percentage of completeness of the planet on the screen considering three criteria: resources, flora and fauna.

But “by culture it does not eat,” as that unfortunate departure of an Italian economist said, and here the man draws a laser pistol that cuts the elements in front of him to shreds, Thus allowing it to absorb the resources needed to develop new technologies which are part of the arms industry system. The purchase of materials on the planets is very similar to that of No Man’s Sky, and it must be said that in the Hello Games business the procedure becomes boring within a few minutes, that’s why Bethesda will have to handle this wisely Going to adjust his fantasy market coins and feel the constant progress.

Speaking of shooting

The infrastructure occupied by the space pirates gives us a first glimpse into the interiors built by Bethesda, and again, as it did in the opening with Krill’s panoramic view, the feeling is that the insane care given to the project proves to be the fullest potential in the settings. From the visual style of the outpost to the play of light that casts intense and believable shadows, through to the deep and wonderful orchestral music, the work done in these areas sounds compelling but is for now a central mechanism in the gameplay that has left a bit ‘more frayed.

The fire that burns in the building is completely devoid of heaviness, With enemies that don’t even interact with machine gun fire While their life bar is empty of lead. If a rhythmic step on the moon brings a proper sense of immersion, the run is instead a bodily glide, and the slow impact of the shots—with uncharted gray streaks tracing the lead’s path—also contributes. To feel that the battles should go through some improvement, although the guns sound good and have a convincing design. The very short heist sequence, much like its Skyrim counterpart, anticipates the aerial combat that shuts down the first stage of the trailer: the hero’s back-mounted defenses In fact, they let him fly for a few moments As well as to determine the direction of movements in the air. A few meters from the ground, the condition of the firing squad does not seem to improve much, bullets wander a little everywhere while the lack of a target reticle does not make us realize the effective method of dispersal.

Hints from history

The second part of the show focuses on the narrative context of Starfield, because after some clashes on alien planets, The protagonist is invited to join the constellation, the last group of space explorers. Then we head to the planet’s capital city Jameson, New Atlantis. Once in the city, the visual impact left us fickle sensations, divided between the beauty of some futuristic architecture and various less exciting elements, think of military robots, slightly square trees and the general aesthetic that is only occasionally compelling. . Hopefully, in any case, the sheer amount of settings that the adventure offers have allowed experts to take the time to characterize each one, both graphically and artistically.

The group leader introduces our space explorer to what is his main task, i.e. Discover artifacts scattered throughout the universe, which could be – needless to say – the key to solving the mysteries of existence. Although not particularly original, plot premises can provide solid foundations for building an unforgettable journey but at the moment it is really difficult to express oneself knowing the facts in this sense. The facial expressions of the characters at the moment are only acceptable and frankly far from what we’ve been able to admire in other productions of close genres.

It is the game director who takes the word again, describing Starfield as an adventure heavily influenced by the decisions of the player, who will be able to modify any aspect of his virtual ego, from his physical form – using Creation system that takes into account three different body types, to blend together to create something unique – for his cultural background, and for the small details about his way of walking. The explorer’s past history is reflected in the choice of a main topic It brings three basic skillsFor example, a military medic has a bonus for weapon damage, increased load weight, and the ability to regenerate more life with salvageable items; The diplomat instead sees his oratorical skills increasing, and thus we can expect a system based on dialogue certain degrees and skills.

In addition to the main feature, The player can choose a secondary attribute Like introversion, empathy, or alien DNA – which brings with it both a reward and a grudge. On the other hand, the skill tree is divided into large areas (for example combat or dialectics), Each consists of skills that can be improved by investing accumulated experiencewhile the additional rating system allows you to improve them with extensive use during the adventure.

interstellar management software

There is also a management spirit under Starfield’s leading shell, where we will be able to build our camps on exotic planets as we wish, decide on structures and hire staff to work on our buildings.

Outposts are not only to rest between shooting and a trip on the moon, but It also generates resources and acts as a center for space exploration. The system is largely inspired by the construction phase of Fallout 4, and we hope that Bethesda will improve the management aspect of their product because venturing into the Commonwealth was quite fun even while ignoring the possibility of setting up outposts entirely, in fact, perhaps this. It was the best choice made due to the section’s poor end result. In the same way spaceships can be customized, with the use of plural indicating the possibility of having more than one at the same time, using items such as engines, body and armor, each one can be assembled according to personal tastes, the ability to count on the presence of different brands and different styles. However, tuning a spacecraft is not an end in itself, because The player has the opportunity to try them out by launching himself among the stars In the noise of the driving force.

The driving stage is very sensitive for a title like Starfield, because the car’s three-axis movement can be as entertaining as it is frustrating, but we must admit that The space combat section is the best of the entire trailer: From moving our vehicle to shooting enemies, the feel that Bethesda returned – at least visually, so we can experience it firsthand – is more than commendable. Shots return an excellent sense of heaviness, and the effects of ship-hit flames are much better than intangible shots of ground combat, while Highly detailed damage system makes injured vehicle parts scatter awaywhich lost its wreckage in the depths of astronomical space.

Todd Howard’s huge ambitions

Presentation of Bethesda’s new project ends with a loud promise from Starfield’s father: Todd Howard promises not only that there are more than a thousand planets in the entire universe, but also leans towards Complete freedom of exploration Which would lead the title towards heights of ambition not yet reached.

Indeed, against the background of his words, dozens of different ecosystems are moving, each of them comes from a unique planet that can be completely traveled, Hint that there are boundless secrets and endless secondary quests. If Skyrim teaches us anything it is that in an unknown cave the remains of a vanishing civilization can be hidden, and with this lesson in mind we can only shiver at the intrinsic potential of such a vast universe.Starfield still doesn’t look like a finished productand many edges have to be smoothed out of necessity, but this must be admitted The team’s ambitions go to the stars and beyondIt is impossible to remain idly by in front of this desire to dream big.

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