Officially prime time?

The return to normal after Covid could also pass through the return of prime-time television broadcasts. This is when Mediaset seems to ponder what to do with “Choice” of men and women, which aired in 2019 and was much appreciated by Maria De Filippi’s audience. The premise of the famous version of men and women is back in fashion.

men and women From Maria de Filippi Back in prime time? According to host and influencer Amedeo Fenza, it appears that Mediaset is considering re-confirming the Fascino-produced and perched Queen Mary program that typically airs during the year Monday through Friday at 14:45 on Canale 5, also in the evening.

Just as it actually happened in 2019, some episodes aired at 21:45 on the main network Mediaset. Then the four correspondents’ choices were broadcast in the then office, ie Luigi Mastroianni, Teresa Angela, Lorenzo Ricciardi And the Evan Gonzalez.

Men and Women, Mediaset makes & # 8220;  selection & # 8221;  from prime time & # 8230;

This is the post that Amedeo Fenza made on his Instagram Stories:

In the upcoming season of Men and Women, the evening picks may return! A format that was a hit a few years ago and has also been put aside due to lockdown

The experience was very popular with the audience of the dating program Canale 5, and therefore, after restrictions, the inevitable adjustments due to the epidemic, Biscione would like to revive the successful format. The question now arises: which options will be broadcast? what if choicesWhat stories will be suggested?

Men and Women: Other Possible Innovations

Men and Women, Mediaset makes & # 8220;  selection & # 8221;  from prime time & # 8230;

While Mediaset waits to cancel the reserves for the upcoming season, they present their fall and winter schedules, and rumors are not only about the new look of men and women designated for celebrities, but also about a temporary break. Gemma Galganiwhich will be ready to enter not in the studio of Maria De Filippi, but in the house big brother vip.

Men and Women, Mediaset makes & # 8220;  selection & # 8221;  from prime time & # 8230;

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