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It’s not much, but for those who wait Hogwarts Legacy See also summary play excerpt for 7 seconds can be an interesting thing, as evidenced by the success of this very short video that focuses on Physical presentation of clothes in the game.

short video Shared on Twitter by Chandler Wood, Avalanche Community Manager, and the Warner Bros team working on Hogwarts Legacy, with the text “Rest assured, the physics of the fabrics are great!” In fact, it is unclear why Wood wanted to reassure everyone about the authenticity of this particular drawing in Hogwarts Legacy, but in fact, the video practically went viral on the Internet within a few hours.

On the other hand, it’s a very short piece of unreleased gameplay, taken straight from a game session and perhaps that’s why it sparked interest beyond graphic technology It is used to produce fabrics which is great.

For the rest, there’s not much to see: the character appears to be running inside an open space, with the sanctuary acting reliably based on sudden changes in the direction of the race. We recently watched a 20 minute video featuring ASMR mode settings and PS5 exclusive features thanks to DualSense.

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