Pig and safety, FIA investigation – Formula 1 coming

One of the themes that the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku inherited is definitely one porpoises, whose vibrations, especially on the fast Azerbaijani track, are more than worrying drivers. Not only these Mercedes, George Russell and Lewis Hamilton, but also Carlos Sainz, Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo and Pierre Gasly have made their voices heard: to the concern of the Class I champions, there is not only safety on the track, but also the repercussions on the body that these vibrations can leave With the passage of time. The usual political controversy was then inserted into the speech, with Red Bull becoming a spokesperson for the front that does not consider high-frequency jumping for individual passengers a major problem, given that its car is among the least affected and thus concerns whether it is just an uproar made by Mercedes to revise existing technical rules, Which caused the decline of silver stocks in terms of performance.

Germans Cars, Sports and Sports I mentioned some follies from the ring: “The FIA ​​is said to have taken these concerns seriously and is planning to launch an investigation To get to the core of the topic. The FIA ​​is trying to have a dialogue with the drivers and technical directors. But with the latter he already knows that he will not be very successful, because no one will want to reveal himself, since the extra 10 millimeters of height costs different lower strengths. The FIA ​​wants to get a full picture, consult specialist doctors and collect data from other chains, An example of groupings. Class could be an example, since drivers don’t drive on flat tracks, even though the speeds are lower than those of Formula 1.

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