Pope Francis sick? That’s why he can’t walk

Pope Francis can’t walk and that’s why he had to postpone all his obligations. The news worried millions of believers around the world: here’s how he is and what his health is.

The news is recent that Pope Bergoglio will not take part in some of the long-anticipated commitments. Francis I’s schedule has been changed in recent days due to a serious health problem that prevents him from walking. A situation that worries millions of Christians around the world who want to know how his holiness is and whether the conditions are dangerous.

Image source: ANSA

Pope FrancescoThe 85-year-old had to revise his schedule, including his trip to Africa which was scheduled for July 2-7. The reason he didn’t participate was because of a knee pain. This announcement was made by the Vatican, that Bergoglio would not participate in the procession of Domini’s body.

The news shocked millions of believers around the world. First of all, because concern for his health has increased. But also because it comes just days after the Vatican published an outline of the itinerary for the six-day itinerary to the African continent. Let’s go and see what I say and how the Pope does.

Pope Francis Can’t Walk: That’s How It Is

They are raising concern about Pope Francis’ health conditions, especially after flight delay In AfricaWhere it was expected in the Congo and South Sudan. And now he’s given up on Domini’s body parade. The canceled and deferred commitments that come after the postponement of Bergoglio’s visit to Lebanon in May. Insiders have already talked about the problems “for health reasons”.

According to what we read FanPagethe Pope suffers from this Severe pain in the right knee. According to what was learned on the portal, the Argentine Supreme Pontiff has been in a wheelchair since the beginning of May Africa News. Looks like he’s going to have to succumb offsideinjection anti-inflammatory drugs Based on corticosteroids.

“I’ve been in this state for some time, and I can no longer walk,” he told the newspaper in May. Corriere della SeraAfter being forced to cancel several meetings on the agenda. A worrying situation, also given the fact that Pope Francis underwent surgery and was admitted to Jamili Hospital Just one year ago.

However, the release of travel delays does not mention the release in Canada scheduled for July 24-30. This gives hope to millions of believers of seeing him active again in that period. Among other things, it will be an important trip, during which the Pope must renew his apology for decades of abuses in Aboriginal boarding schools.

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