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Blue dress and smiles. photo Kate Middleton and the Prince William In the Order of Rabat they went around the world. It seemed that the two were very close. Thin appearances did not go unnoticed among the photographers present at the ceremony. A way to get rid of the controversy after an alleged discussion between William himself and Prince Andrew. In fact, the Duke of York preferred to avoid the public event in the company of the royal family.

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But despite the smiles immortalized by the paparazzi, Prince William looked strangely sad for several minutes. The English press would have revealed that behind the prince’s behavior was a quarrel with his uncle, a brother Prince Charles. Indeed, in recent weeks, after the scandal related to the Epstein affair, the royal family has decided to completely limit Prince Andrew’s public appearances.

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Hence a very intense discussion took place behind the scenes. In short, between knowing looks with his wife and some drawn faces, William’s party went smoothly. But it seems in Royal family Tension is still high. The huge presence of his Uncle Andrea could cause William to break up dramatically.

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