PS1 games have a speed of 60Hz in the US, unlike Asian games –

Today, June 13, 2022, the new PlayStation PS Plus service has arrived in the United States. With that said, PS1 games have also been added to the catalog and, as VGC confirmed, they run at 60Hz, not 50Hz like those of the Asian version of the service.

This is because the US got the NTSC version of PS1 games, which even at the original reached 60 Hz, and the Asian version, on the other hand, turned out to be a PAL version, that is, with a limit of 50 Hz. In Europe, PAL was in effect, so there is a risk that the PS Plus service will also include a PAL version for our territory.

We will have to see in a couple of weeks, when the new service is released in Italy, whether our region will also offer a PAL version. If so, we may end up releasing games of lower quality than the PS Plus USA version. But for now, it is pointless to wrap your head too soon.

PS Plus

We’ve also seen the list of US PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium games, although there seem to be some quirks at the moment.

Finally, we also point out that around 200 PS Now games appear to have been removed during the transition to the new service.

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