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God of War: Ragnarok I was Delayed or not? According to the series’ original author, David Scott Jaffe, the odds are fifty, at least according to what he was told by two close Sony insiders. At this point, however, intervention Cory Barlog to suggest that Exit date The game will be announced soon.

It’s been several days now since rumors about the new chapter of the license plate series have been rumored Santa Monica studio They multiply, unfortunately in the absence of specific ads. Bloomberg has flagged November as the launch month for God of War: Ragnarok, but as mentioned, it hasn’t been officially announced yet.

“Remember my Sony overlooking friend saying God of War: Ragnarok was still slated for 2022? Well, another Sony insider friend wrote to me today that there is no longer a specific location and that the release date. Not yet set. :Maybe It’s coming this year, and it probably won’t,” Jaffe wrote.

so enter Cory Barlog, the God of War game director, tweeted that he’s making a big comeback on Twitter after a long absence, to simply say “Wait, what?” And adding a meem in response to the question about when this blessed date would be announced.

There is a feeling that an announcement is imminent now, as part of a state of play that is probably entirely dedicated to God of War: Ragnarok and that Sony could reveal at any moment: This is consistent with the reports of several leakers so far.

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