Rail Tragedy, Regional Train Crash: First Updates

Moments of intense fear among the convoy passengers involved in terrible train accident. It doesn’t happen often that you hear cases of this kind, and the train is certainly among the safest modes of transportation ever. However, human error always lies, as with failures or other insurmountable events.

This is what happened yesterday when a locomotive came has crashed The reasons are still under investigation. The police immediately arrived at the site, and are now working on trying to rebuild the city in the best possible way accident dynamics: Here’s the latest rumor.

the truth

It was 21.50 last night, June 12, when a Vilasica, a Spanish town in Catalonia, a regional train and a locomotive violently crash. Unfortunately they signed up Many injured, including 5 in serious condition, were immediately rescued by health workers and taken to hospital. At the moment there are no deaths, but there are fears for the lives of the most seriously injured.

In total, 75 people were traveling on the train, fortunately most of them were alone Minor injuries. The scene was immediately accessed by investigators to better reconstruct the accident. According to what Adif sources revealed, Spanish railway companyPerhaps it was a human error:The cause of the locomotive passing the traffic light is not known, and this is what now needs to be investigated.”

So the locomotive will not respect red lightThus, it collided with a regional train coming from the opposite direction. And according to what the Iberian media revealed, he may have been a man who prevented the locomotive from stopping brake failure. However, there are more updates about the causes of this terrible accident awaiting full confirmation of the possible causes Responsibility of the parties involved. Similar tragedies have also occurred in Italy in recent years, suffice it to recall the horrific train accident that occurred in the Puglia countryside on July 12, 2016.

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