Severodonetsk is isolated and the Russians are advancing even in Kharkiv. Draghi: “Italy supports Kyiv’s desire to join the European Union” – live broadcast

A missile was intercepted at Lviv: 4 . wounded

Four civilians, including a child, were wounded by the explosion of shrapnel from a Russian missile intercepted by Ukrainian anti-aircraft forces in the Lviv region. This was announced by the head of the military department, citing Ukrinform, noting that the four wounded were near a brick factory in Zolochev. Several other missiles were intercepted in the Ternopil and Khmelnitsky regions.

Kyiv: “Luhansk is a real hell”

Conditions in Lugansk, under intense Russian artillery bombardment, “a real hell.” District Governor Serhiji Gedayi said that. The explosions were so strong that people could no longer resist in the shelters. The BBC quoted Gaidai as saying that another 70 civilians had been evacuated from Lysichansk and the surrounding settlements, as long as it was possible to save at least one life, we could not lose.

Moscow: “Tomorrow a humanitarian corridor will be opened for civilians inside the Azot plant”

Moscow announced the opening of a humanitarian corridor tomorrow for civilian refugees inside the Azot chemical plant in Severodonetsk. TASS reports. Russia called on the fighters at the facility to release the civilians and lay down their weapons.

Russia reduced gas supplies via Nord Stream by 40%

Russia reduced daily gas shipments via Nord Stream by 40%. Gazprom announced this. The Russian giant Gazprom has announced a reduction of more than 40% of its daily capacity to deliver gas to Germany via the Nord Stream pipeline “because the necessary equipment was not delivered by the German Siemens group”. “Gas deliveries through the Nord Stream pipeline can only be guaranteed with a volume of 100 million cubic meters of gas per day instead of the expected 167 million cubic meters,” the group said in a statement on Telegram.

Ukraine in the EU, the Commission: “Friday’s decision on the status of the candidate country”

“there European Commission Yesterday he didn’t decide anything, he just had orientation discussion To allow faculty members to share their opinions and make decisions FridayA spokesperson for the European Union Commission said about its assessment of whether it should recommend to the Council the granting of the concession or notUkraine condition Candidate country upon entry into the European Union.

Kyiv: The Russians returned the bodies of another 64 Azovstal fighters

The Russians brought back the bodies of the others 64 fighters FromAzovstal. This was reported by the Ministry of Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine, according to reports fromUNIAN. “Ukraine has returned the bodies of 64 heroic defenders from Azovstal for their gracious burial,” the ministry said in a statement.

The Kremlin: “There are no details from Kyiv on grain exports”

From Ukraine, there are still no indications of details Grain exports Or on anything else you want to export”: the Kremlin quoted tax.

Draghi: “Italy supports Ukraine in the European Union”

As we discussed with Prime Minister Bennett the war in Ukraine. Italy supports and will continue to support and desire Ukraine Be a part of EuropeThe Prime Minister said that Mario Draghi During statements with the Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett. Then the Prime Minister added: “I would like to thank the Israeli government for its mediation efforts in this crisis. The Italian government continues to work towards reaching a ceasefire and peace negotiations as soon as possible, on terms that Ukraine considers acceptable.”

Separation of Sberbank from the Swift system

Sberbank And two other Russian banking institutions have since been cut off Swift system: online newspaper reports medusa Remember, it was a decision that was made beginning of the month As part of the sixth EU sanctions package against the Russian government for the invasion of Ukraine.

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