Shocking phrases by coach Baldini: “In Palermo, if you are married, it is better not to look at the beautiful woman.”

“Palermo is not like Milan. Here if you are married and start looking at beautiful women, it is not good.” a word Silvio Baldini. Yesterday the coach of Palermo, newly promoted in the second division, in connection with the “Sky sport Calciomercato l ‘original”, was produced in an impromptu social analysis in the Sicilian capital. The topic, as has often happened in Rossanero’s last interviews, was his relationship with the city, where he returned after 18 years. The Tuscan coach, known for his colorful and very direct language, spoke of Palermo as follows: “It is not an easy city where you can come and act as if you are in Milan. I will give you an example: If you are married and start to see beautiful women, you are not forbidden but certainly will not be Accept you, because in their culture family should be the most respected thing. I find myself in this culture because as a child I grew up with my grandparents who taught me that family is sacred.”

They replied from Sky studio: “Well, if you look at a beautiful woman, it’s okay.” And there he immersed himself in very powerful language, with moments of awkwardness on TV. “Yes, but if you have a wife and children and you want to go to a girl… they better cut your car…”. At this point the question-and-answer session began with conductor Alessandro Bonan, who said, “There is no point in being moral to others.” Baldiny replied: Come and live here. “I’ve lived in many parts, always the same way,” replied the host. And again Baldini: “Come and live here. This is the culture and I like being here more than being somewhere else.”

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