Still paralyzed after a game on the show Hello Darwin, let’s see what he has to say today »

Gabriel Marchetti: Still paralyzed after a game on the show Hi Darwin, let’s see what he says today

He’s still a quadriplegic after playing Hello Darwinthan that damn April 17, 2019the day he participated in the recording of the famous Kanal 5 radio, Hi Darwinlife of Gabriel Marchetti has changed dramatically.
Today, after 3 years, a person has to adapt to it Serious and irreparable damage suffered as a result of an accident during the recording of an episode during which, for reasons not yet clearly ascertained, fell during the test gynodrome“, remain paralyzed.

The memory of that day no longer goes away from the mind of man, who after 3 years had in his body the biggest wound of a day that was supposed to be pure entertainment, in the Titanus TV studios. As reported by the newspaper Corriere della SeraMarchetti He remembers his appearance with great enthusiasm for recording: “I thought I’d have a different evening and have fun”. Shortly thereafter , tragedy.
In his head at the moment of the accident filled with fire. Slide off the reelsMarchetti’s Explanation of the Exam: “I ended up in the water upside down, my legs turned up and my arms folded. I thought I was going to drown because I I couldn’t move anything. Then I heard the rescuers who immediately intervened.”
Today, lawyers defended him Rti sued for very serious injuries. paralyzed man He is cared for every day by his wife Sabrina and son Simon.

Marchetti also has Point the finger at bandleader Paulo BonolisAnd all the production of “Ciao Darwin” because despite the serious accident he had, he wouldn’t have received Never visit or message from a showman Who witnessed the tragedy anyway, even if it was from a distance.Paulo Bonolis never looked for me to find out about my condition. Not even people close to him called me, ” Marchetti said, then confirmed: “At first, only one person from production contacted my family by phone and email to find out about my physical condition. They made themselves available for whatever final need we might have. But then there were no other contacts.”

About the accident involving 57 yearsthe public prosecutor of Rome decided Sue four RTI executivesAccused of serious injury and violation of safety laws in the workplace. The trial, which began on April 20, 2022, witnessed between the defendants Sandro Costa And the Maximum Bringsboth are at the top of Rti, but also Maximilian MartinelliThe manager of Maxima who took care of the equipment Julian GiovanottiSdl 2005, a company whose task at that time was to select game participants.
According to the prosecutor, Marchetti should have been trained for the game, but even the reels that saw him fall under the eye of justice: they seem to have become too slippery to make the challenge even more complicated.

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