Super Mario Galaxy 2 Coming to Nintendo Switch, Leak Suggests –

Super Mario Galaxy 2 can land Nintendo Switchor at least that’s what one of the well-known leakers, the “group” that replaced famous camera girl Tiffany Treadmore, suggests: Currently, points to a blank page on

We know that Super Mario Galaxy 2 was supposed to be part of the Super Mario 3D All-Stars lineup, but it was canceled to leave only the first two episodes of the Wii-born series in the bundle. Well, things could change soon.

According to Alanah Pearce, there will be a new Nintendo Direct in late June, while other sources consider the event imminent. However, something is clearly going to be streamed, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 could be part of the ads.

In fact, in the past few weeks, Tiffany Treadmore’s previous profile hasn’t made much progress, but this could be due to the dynamic of different situations, with last minute moves and upside down decisions, like the ones that seem to interest the Nintendo Switch pro.

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