The cost of fuel does not stop, but a new proposal can save the situation

After a drop in April, the price of fuel has started to rise again in recent weeks. An increasingly unsustainable situation for the millions of Italians who struggle with increases in every sector. In the past few hours, a proposal has surfaced that could make everything more sustainable, preventing such an increase in fuel. Let’s see what he thought and who.

Fuel cost – Motori.News

Gasoline and diesel for the stars! The war in Ukraine and the unstable international situation led to numerous increases in various sectors. The fuel market is one of the markets hardest hit by this situation. The price of diesel and gasoline worldwide has reached heights that would have been unimaginable a few months ago. All at the expense of consumers, who can only use cars or other fuel-powered vehicles to commute and work.

Today’s news is that the price of fuel – slowly but surely – is rising again, respectively 3 cents a liter to diesel Based on 2 cents per liter to Gas. Average prices for today’s listings see Gas sold out for 2043 euros per liter for self-catering and 2167 euros for self-catering. The diesel, Instead, it touches the height 1,972 for self-catering and 2,102 for service.

Fortunately, it looks like the good news will arrive in the next few weeks. Which?

Fuel price increase
Fuel price skyrocketing, but there is a suggestion – Motori.News

The new proposal that can prevent the high cost of fuel

To mitigate the damage from this new fuel cost increase, The Democratic Party proposed capping the cost of fuel, So as not to make the situation worse. The center-left party introduced a black-and-white adjustment of its status.

The amendment was proposed and officially written in the Official Gazette on 17 May. Everything should be confirmed in law starting in July, with a maximum deadline of July 16th.

The proposal says it will have to be fixed “For the next 60 days, a maximum price for the sale of fuels, in accordance with the methods and criteria determined by the decision of the Minister of Environmental Transformation. Provided that it is issued within fifteen days from the date of entry into force of the law converting this decree.

fuel increase
A proposal to prevent the increase in the cost of fuel – Motori.News

but that is not all. In fact, There is also a second proposal on the parliament table, is also able to improve the situation and try to mitigate the damage. related to the fact To extend the decree cutting production fees for a few more months. This law will expire on July 8, but – due to the increases – the government aims to extend the decree beyond the summer or until the end of the year. We’ll see what happens in the next few weeks. Consumers – at war – are waiting for the good news!

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