“The existential threat to Russia, we need to put an end to it once and for all”

Shocking tweet against Ukraine. The person responsible is again Russian but far from anonymous: RogozinThe head of the RSA wrote that Ukraine poses an “existential threat to Russia,” literally calling for an end to the Ukrainians “forever.” Tweet met with a wave of outrage. “It is a clear incitement to genocide, so how can it be tolerated?” read the comments on the post.

“If we don’t put an end to it, because unfortunately our grandparents did not wipe them out, we will have to die, but we will end up at a greater cost to our grandchildren – and it continues –. So let’s finish it. Once and for all. To our grandchildren.”

Rogozin, Putin’s main man

Rogozin is certainly not new to such versions. And no later than a few months later, he said, “In the event of a nuclear war, Russia can destroy all NATO countries in half an hour.” Rogozin is one of the main characters around Vladimir put it in. He served as Deputy Prime Minister of Defense from 2011 to 2019, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to NATO from 2008 to 2011 and also the leader of the Rodina political party. “NATO is waging war against us. They have not declared it, but this does not change anything ». Then about the Satan-2 missile, he explained: «It can destroy half the coast of some great continent that can upset us because of its aggressive policy».

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