“The Island of the Famous”, the story of the twenty-third episode

Elari Blasey greets the audience from the studio, declaring, “We are one step away from the final.” The first finalists will be elected tonight. The first topic is Nick’s quarrel with Eduardo and Nicholas which, despite the initial reconciliation, continued. Communication problems due to bad weather interrupted the live broadcast from Honduras, and was remedied by the entry of Lory del Santo who immediately clashed with Luxuria: “I behaved badly, but I forgive you.”

Via Dalla Balaba

Estefania Bernal, Nick Luciani, Gennaro Auletto and Marialaura Devitis must leave Palapa to go to Playa Sgamadissima. After the television broadcast, the audience decided that the outcast who should leave the island was Gennaro. Judas kiss goes to Mercedes.

Woman and man challenge

Women compete first, then men. Then a quick TV program will open: each of the two teams must cast their vote and decide who does not deserve the final. Equal merit between Estefania and Mercedes. With AV challenge Estefania is excluded. The other three have to compete against a Honduran (tilted) bed. Mercedes win. She’s going to television to be the next finalist. It is up to the men. Nick has been selected. Nicholas, Luca and Eduardo challenge each other to Ariana’s Thread Test. Vaporidis wins. A third name will be chosen through a series that will go to television broadcasts with Nicholas and Mercedes. It’s Carmen. The audience at home will determine the first finalist.

Laurie Marco tension

– After being eliminated from the game, Laurie did not hide her dissatisfaction with the position of her friend Marco. The boy was forced off the island and certainly did not find the lorry he had expected. In fact, the director, disappointed with her boyfriend, immediately seized the moment to confront him. “These days I’ve had time to think,” exclaims Marco, worried and bitter, and adds, “I’m sorry” for the affair that occurred between him and his girlfriend immediately upon their dismissal. ‘I was wrong not to support him’ he admits that in the face of heated discussions, he tends to shut himself down to avoid collisions with the rest of the group which is why he doesn’t express himself much. In the studio, Laurie says she is disappointed with his attitude and believes he has revealed himself not for fear of argument, but because of strategy: “Between me and the game I chose the game.” Laurie doesn’t seem ready to welcome her boyfriend with open arms. “We’ll see,” exclaimed the director, leaving their love story hanging.

The first finalists

Three different paths between resistance, stubbornness and endurance. Mercedes, Nicholas or Carmen: who will be the first finalists in this edition? The audience voted for Nicholas Vaporidis. “It’s the most extreme experience I’ve ever had in my life. I’m happy and amazing at the same time, I don’t take everything for granted,” he reveals.

Try the boss

– Out to test the commander despite the bad weather. Vince Carmen, is the ringleader and is immune to nominations.


Let’s start with the nominations. Nick Luca’s voice. Edoardo, Estefania, Mercedesz, Marialaura, Nicolas and Luca refer to Nick. The nominee by the group is Nick. Instead, ring leader Carmen chose Mercedesz.

Flash Telephoto

Gennaro lands at Playa Sjamadesima, and the flash TV broadcast begins between him and Pamela. The outcast who must give up the game is Gennaro.

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