There is controversy over the bikini picture of Vanessa Incontrada, and she responds like this

After days of controversy and accusations of physical shaming against a weekly newspaper that published pictures of Vanessa Incontrada in the sea in a bikini and in a pose that highlighted her looks, the response of the person concerned arrived. That stolen photo, in which the actress and presenter sunbathed on the beach of Follonica without bothering to put it down, provoked the reactions of the indignation of those who considered it insulting.


A bitter debate arose on social media between those who emphasized Vanessa’s weight gain and those who instead defended her by saying that a woman’s body can’t be judged for just a few extra pounds. So much for whom then?

His sarcastic answer

Which? Many waited for the reaction that finally arrived, sarcastic and calm as always. Vanessa Incontrada shrugged her shoulders and appropriately posted a photo on her personal Instagram account showing she’s at sea and laughing at the controversy. “I wanted you, sea. Pesetos,” he wrote while wearing a smile, and some pretty sunglasses, which should silence all the chatter. Testimonials of instant admiration and affection begin with the entertainment celebrity they know. “Kiss and see you soon darling, see you in Gigi,” writes Mara Vinier. Then again the hearts of Antonella Clerici, Andrea DeLogo, Irene Ferri and Lino Guicali reminding her of how “beautiful” she is.

beauty vanessa

Vanessa Incontrada was often Victim of haters on social media For the fact that she was not as skinny as she had been when she was twenty, but if at first she declared that she was ill, she had learned not to care what it must be like. “I have cellulite and stretch marks…if you don’t like me, change the channel and go see another picture,” he said. And for the rest, precisely because of its forms, it was chosen as Inspiration and testimony from Dolce & Gabbana. And in those pictures she was as beautiful as she is now.

Ansa and Instagram photos

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