These medications hide pitfalls and risks that (maybe) no one ever told you about, but it’s helpful to know about them so you don’t make mistakes.

Taking antibiotics can save your life. But these very powerful drugs also hide a lot of “pitfalls”.

The Excessive consumption of antibiotics it causes “Side effects” On the health of the entire world’s population. “Excessive consumption” also means involuntary consumption, due to Food contamination, such as cow’s milk. but also Use Do-It-Yourself Remedies It is not uncommon.

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Looking back at our last one Use of antibioticslet’s ask ourselves if We have read the package insert of drugs. Most likely not. In fact, the antibiotic is prescribed to us by DoctorAnd so on We trust He is right in his profession. But it will always be good inquire about. Because No unwanted effects Appear during treatment will go Inform the attending physician.

The (indiscriminate) use of antibiotics leads to Various adverse effects on people’s health. First of all, in recent years, “bacterial resistance” has developed. Hence they Deaths from some serious diseases have increased Caused specifically by bacteria that before they can resist more easily. But in addition to this phenomenon, we also need to know What harm can taking antibiotics cause?. There they are all.

Beware of taking antibiotics: what can happen to our body

naturally, No one wants to demonize the importance of this type of medicineWhich solves many diseases. The problem instead lies in Incorrect use. It is often dictated by simple ignorance – not knowing things. First of all, remember that anti biotic It works to defeat bacteria, not viruses. And therefore It is useless in case of cold flu and bronchitis or other similar diseases. It is instead used in cases of lung and urinary tract infections, tonsillitis and all Problems caused by bacteria.

When a doctor prescribes an antibiotic, this is necessary Follow his instructions carefully. Including recruitment time. The duration of treatment is also critical. It usually develops within 5-7 days. Self after 2 or 3 days we betterAnd the It is not necessary to interrupt the treatment. There is a risk of developing an exacerbation of the disease and subsequently having to treat it for a long time.

during treatmentSo, maybe not everyone knows that It would be advisable to change the diet food. there foods Which weighs down the body when taken with antibiotics. Of course we talk about it alcohol, but also a “common” food. like me Dairy products and cheese. The calcium in them can reduce their effect, according to some recent studies.

The Antibioticsthen they go to destroy “Bad” bacteria but sometimes too Intestinal germs. They are not rare, in fact, bouts of diarrhea and vomiting associated with taking these medications. Some may also be accused GastritisAnd the Constipation or gas rise And the lack of appetite. To protect yourself and avoid these side effects, it is best to follow a diet low in refined foods and calories Prefer vegetables, meat and fish. as well as for consumption Yogurt (natural and no added sugars) Restores intestinal balance.

Other side effects of antibiotics

They are not uncommon Other very disturbing appearances during antibiotic treatment. They can spring Allergic reactions or rashes; but also photosensitivity eye, vision deteriorationand very strong Headache. In fact, those taking antibiotics should not expose themselves to the sun.

In the Threads with weak immune systemSo, it can be launched there candida. This infection, which may seem to some to be only related to intercourse, attacks the body for other reasons as well. Candida mushroom In a healthy body, the “good bacteria” in the mucous membranes, particularly in the intestines, counteract them. In the event of an imbalance with antibiotics, this discomfort can be counteracted Genital problem. What a reason Itching, burning, nausea, vaginal discharge and pain when urinating.

remember it Fortunately, all the unwanted effects caused by antibiotics are never dangerous. But in case of breathing difficulties it is necessary to contact a doctor urgently. Even if you have “mild” symptoms such as diarrhea or headaches, it is still appropriate Tell the attending physician immediatelyAnd wait for him to tell us whether to continue the treatment or not.

Finally, the final recommendation is that Never keep packets of leftover antibiotics at home. The “temptation” to resort to self-care It can be powerful and a reason Even more serious damage.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only and relates to scientific studies published in medical journals, so it does not replace the advice of a physician or specialist, and should not be taken into account when formulating treatments or diagnoses)

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