This fish is ignored by many even if it costs little and is very good for our body

Did you know that for the sake of your health you should buy this fish that many ignore? It is cheap and very useful for our bodies: that is what it is.

Recently, going to the supermarket and deciding what to buy has become increasingly difficult. The main problem is the increase in prices that sometimes push us to make many sacrifices, especially with regard to foods that we know are essential to our health. Among these we find meat and fish (the latter is more than the former). We often give up buying more fish because of the huge price increase they experienced.

This is the fish that many overlook, but it’s perfect for your health: Here’s what it is – Credits: Adobe Stock

But there is a file fish, In the market, which many ignore, but cheap and perfect for our body, we will find out what is below together. It’s time to include it in the shopping list and buy it if we want to enjoy its benefits.

Buy this neglected fish: you will be surprised to discover its quality and price!

As we have said, since spending and commodity prices have increased, we have found ourselves compelled to make sacrifices that are sometimes severe. The first thing we went for to cut back on was fish which is a “slightly more expensive” food than chicken breast, eggs, etc. Let’s not forget that many supermarkets sell bream at 30 per kilogram, which makes it impossible for us to buy it.

Fortunately, there is a type of fish that is inexpensive and very good for our health.

Best fish ever: cheap and rich in protein, you should buy it! – Credits: Adobe Stock

This is the mullet A very common fish in our nation, its name may already be known, but almost everyone is not aware of it. Its cost is very little, about 3 euros per kilogram. It contains only 117 calories, but is defined by Humanitas experts as the best and healthiest ever.

The way to cook it is the same as for other fish such as cod, bream and sole: in the oven, in foil, with cherry tomatoes and lemon. In short, do not miss it because it will be a real treat.

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