This Postal Passbook Might Make You Rich – That’s What It Is

From a financial point of view, every form of tool used in the “keeping” and management of money by individuals or companies has the same basic structure: a postal booklet can be considered a successful product especially because it has few terms and “obligations” compared to the simplicity of use with which it has become proverb.

Compared to most postal instruments, the writing tablet could boast a “date of birth” that was not at all recent, as conceived in the second half of the nineteenth century, and therefore more than 100 years old. On what occasion can a postal ledger be profitable for our pockets?

This Postal Passbook Might Make You Rich – That’s What It Is

As mentioned, all postal books are in some respects similar to a bank account, in that they are equipped with an IBAN code, albeit with less functionality. Indeed, as the accounts do not present a deadline in the effective sense, even if it is understandable Suspension related to the tool. In the case of a brochure, Poste Italiane shall make every effort to notify the holders of the brochures concerned every year in a deep sleep, that is, those that are still active but not in use for 10 years and that have a balance of at least €100. To reactivate one of these brochures, simply use it, do any kind of handling, or go to the post office before next June 21.

This date was actually chosen as the “deadline”, after which every biblical text is still considered sleepy It will inevitably and permanently be disposed of, and the money will be transferred to the partially state-run Consap, although it is good to specify that it is possible for the owner to apply for the postal-linked funds again.

It is possible to consult the full list of mailing books that are still in this “state” and some are still associated with large sums of money. If we know someone who may have forgotten to “move” this tool, it’s a good opportunity to get some form of income!

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