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France, a positive signal should be given regarding Ukraine’s candidacy for EU membership

Today, the French Minister in charge of Europe, Clement Bonn, expressed the hope that the European Union would be “open” to Ukraine’s application to join the European Union. “I think we need to give this signal to Ukraine, to show itself that it is open to this candidacy,” Bion told France Inter, as President Emmanuel Macron prepares to leave on a diplomatic mission in Eastern Europe, in particular Romania and Moldova and perhaps also in Kyiv with Mario Draghi and Olaf Schultz. , even if he did not confirm the Elysee.

Regarding accession to the European Union “we need to give a positive signal as soon as possible,” Bonn stressed, adding: “Then I say it in all sincerity, it takes a long time to start the accession process. First of all, it is a country at war, and the need The urgency is to stop the war, rebuild Ukraine, and then get it to join under good conditions for both the EU and Ukraine,” warned the chief advocate of the current EU presidency. Which will expire in fifteen days, next June 30. Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia have applied for EU candidate country status.

The Brussels Commission is invited to express its opinion on this request by the end of the week, and then pass the ball on to the 27 Heads of State and Government meeting in Brussels at the end of June. The green light requires a unanimous vote from all member states.

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