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Walheim It will be available at Xbox Game Pass for computer During this fall and Control unit Early 2023: Microsoft just announced it during the Xbox Showcase Extended.

Capable of boosting sales of over 10 million copies on Steam, Valheim undoubtedly stands as one of the biggest surprises in recent years and will debut on Xbox in exclusive consoleperhaps temporary.

It has a charming appearance vikings settingThe title of Iron Gate will see us face hordes of dangerous enemies within a very dangerous realm, which we will be able to shape according to our needs.

Walheim, one of the game scenarios

“Valheim is an exploration game set in a massive fantasy world inspired by Norse mythology and Viking culture. The adventure begins in the relatively quiet center of Valheim,” the summary reads.

“The further away from the center, the more challenging the world will be, but you will also find more valuable materials to craft stronger weapons and stronger armor. You will also build strongholds and outposts for Vikings around the world.”

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