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The ATM They are an increasingly rare commodity. Withdrawing cash from ATMs in some regions of Italy is beginning to be a business. For the past 12 months, he remembers Atmosphere, 1,831 ATMs are closed in our country for withdrawals and deposits. And in the first six months of the year, the list of closures was extended again. But looking at the data, Italians’ penchant for cash hasn’t faded at all. In Italy, 82 percent prefer using banknotes over various cards and alternative payment methods. In 2021 alone, the raffles were almost 500 million worth 109 billion euros.

ATM when tilted: Does not give money.  But check the tax: Here's what to do right away

But in recent years, the expense items of banking institutions for managing automated teller machines have increased. Initially, the interbank commission was set at 45 cents. A number that, however, appears to be outdated today. In fact, the costs are about 90 cents per transaction. Thus, behind the decision to close many branches will be the cost of running operations. Bancomat suggested revising the tariffs, but in fact, Agcom highlighted the process.

From July 1, pay attention to the ATM: because when you pay, everything changes

Indeed, the ATM proposal will rewrite the rules that provide the opportunity for those who provide the service to set a maximum commission for consumers that approximates the maximum cost of 1.50 EUR. Less cost considering that today you can withdraw in one go different bank From ours it can cost up to 3 euros. In other countries, such as, for example, Germany, Spain or Australia, the commissions have long been changed, assigning the ATM operator a new tariff system. This is probably the only way to avoid being left without an ATM at home.

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