Who has seen her: Young mother Elena del Pozo launches an appeal to find her daughter. But after continuous interrogations, his body was found!

who sawRai 3, broadcast by Federica Sciarelli, has over the years become the spokesperson for many parents missing children. The last case, dealt with these days, sees the protagonist Elena del Pozolittle girl from 5 years He disappeared in a municipality in the province of Catania.

the motherwho immediately lodged a complaint with the carabinieri of Mascalucia, also turned to who saw Hoping to spread the news as soon as possible. Searches started immediately ه Pictures of the little girl revealed can help find it. But Elena completely lost track, even if The dynamics of the kidnapping seemed strange.

Who Saw It: The Dynamics of Elena’s Abduction

According to the facts told by Elena’s mother, she and the child returning from a day in kindergarten were in the car, and he stopped at a traffic light. suddenly 3 hooded men they have Open the back door He took little Elena and ran away making it lose track.

who saw Posted Post on social media with the girl’s pictureImmediately launch an appeal and urge anyone who knows or has seen something to come forward.

On the day Elena disappeared, she wore a pair of yellow pants and a white short-sleeved shirt with a design. But no one seems to have seen anything, triggering Suspicions of the police.

Whoever saw it, she posted a photo of Elena del Pozo in the appeal

Ongoing interrogations with Elena del Pozo’s mother

During the night, the investigators listened to all the relatives From a small disappearance, in particular the motherwhich after several pistons He would have agreed to show the burial place of the body Little. According to some rumors, the location of the discovery will be far away 200 meters from the house Elena’s mother.

the father From the small that currently He did not live in the same apartmentIn the past he was reported for drug trafficking and investigated for theft, after which he was acquitted. The young couple, who is only 20 years old, recently had some problems which led to their separation.

The policeAt the site where Elena’s little corpse was discovered, they work for her Highlight the dynamics From a sad story.

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