Workout is hot, shots heat up the web

Alvise Rigo became the protagonist on social networks with web warming training. The image of the sexy model and muscles excited the fans.

Social media is an excellent showcase for many personalities from the world of television and entertainment in general, as it provides a great insight. This former rugby player and model knows this well, since one of his last posts did not go unnoticed by the public. The shot where he showed off his muscles during training left a lot of dread.

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In the past months Elvis Rigo He managed to focus great popularity on himself. This is especially after his participation in Dancing with the Stars, where he was one of the actors’ heroes, and his most prominent qualities as a dancer. Thanks to the Mili Carlucci program, he had the opportunity to make himself known and appreciated by the audience who began to follow him.

Specifically, he boasts on social media of a large number of followers, as he shares many posts related to his daily life. Sifting through his social profile, it is impossible not to notice the numerous photos that are present during workouts. Among the many photos, one appears in particular, where he intends to make his own hot workout She appears in it with all its beauty and physical prowess.

Elvis Rego turns the temperature up on social media: The shot in the gym conquers everyone

After trying Dancing with the Stars, Riggo’s notoriety has skyrocketed He also participated in I soliti ignoti, and also won a large amount. But on social media, she continues to be followed and published by the public. Photos in which he intends to train have been removed from his account, because he is not only an athlete, but also personal trainer.

In one of the last shots, the photo he saw in the middle of his training did not go unnoticed. Elvis introduced himself to shirtless With only black shorts. A photo that has so overheated Instagram, you can read the many comments below his post.

On that occasion, Rigo was at the Rimini Wrllness event, dedicated to athletes participating in competitions High intensity fitness program. He also posted to sponsor his Nutri Muscle products, giving fans promo codes to purchase them.

Alves became a personal trainer after leaving rugby in an accident. In parallel with physique and fitness, he always devotes himself to fashion, where he is often called a diploma or model. Also because his body does so well with this profession.

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