Xbox, exclusive to Hideo Kojima almost certainly overdose on Tom Henderson –

L ‘Xbox Exclusive working on it Hideo Kojima It’s almost certain overdose: argues well-known candidate Tom Henderson, who was the first to talk about the project before yesterday’s announcement.

We know that Kojima Productions requested that Henderson’s article be removed, which the author graciously declined, and there are several indications that Overdose is horror game Which the Japanese game designer has been working on for a while now.

According to the Raser, it is a project proposed by Kojima google stadia, but will be canceled along with dozens of other games for the game streaming platform. Well, Microsoft could have taken advantage of this opportunity to finally take advantage of the contribution of the creator of Metal Gear Solid.

During the Xbox and Bethesda game show, Henderson points out, Kojima said this is the title he’s always wanted to make, and he’s waited a long time to start developing it.

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