Xbox Show, Hideo Kojima and the return of the craziest console war –

last night inXbox and Bethesda Games Gallerythere was also Hideo Kojima: The father of Metal Gear Solid appeared with a video message announcing a collaboration with Microsoft to create a new video game experience. Well, that was enough to revive console war crazier.

You’ll know Kojima had to confirm that he’s still on excellent terms with PlayStation after this episode, but it probably isn’t clear to you why this announcement is necessary: ​​a lot of playstation fan They have lost their minds and on social media have been very active in expressing their disappointment in the face of what they consider to be betrayal.

Someone even launched the inevitable petition on to demand Xbox exclusive cancellation Kojima is working, and the interesting news is that nearly 1,600 signatures have been collected so far. People who don’t care too much about what their garden offers, the important thing is that the neighbor’s grass is less green.

Well, just this side of Rejoice in the misfortunes of others Instead of one’s fortunes it is the basis of console war’s most outrageous: a stadium-like cheer as an end in itself produces nothing good except for brawls, nervousness, frustration, and increasingly toxic confrontation environments.

Phil Spencer

It is a pity that this feeling again occupied the discussion space, because the event itself was so interesting and compelling, with Starfield (the star citizen who made it?) the great hero of the evening but at the same time rightly postponed to too many sighs of a The technical sector will be improved.

And then many beautiful surprises Xbox Game PassFrom Hollow Knight: Silksong to Persona, from Wo Long Fallen Dynasty to Pentiment, through the absolutely stunning Redfall and Forza Motorsport (here’s all the news). Then again, you can play Overwatch 2 for free, the increasingly promising Diablo 4 game and plenty of secondary but valuable content.

Overwatch 2, Tracer

Overwatch 2, Tracer

Also given a heavily cloud-focused policy to extend the Xbox experience to any screen connected to the Internet, the controversies regarding conflicts between owners of different platforms are now appearing misplaced and out of place.

What do you think of the Xbox Game Show, Bethesda, and the Kojima issue? Let’s talk about.

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