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16.19 Less than 35 km to the finish.

16.14 average sprint 44.6 km/h.

16.11 The next enemy set at Bergstrasse.

16.08 The group loses 30. Now he is at 1’48”.

16.05 Matthew Holmes (Loto Soudal) is the first to cross the flying finish line in Vitznau.

16.02 Cofidis is now taking the lead in drag.

15.59 Meanwhile, news of Thymen Arensman (Team DSM) withdrawal arrives.

15.55 after three hours of racing.

15.52 located 55 km to the end.

15.49 At the circuit finish line the gap between the three and the set was checked: 1’15”.

15.46 Let us remember the three fugitives: Matthew Holmes (Loto Soudal), Marcus Holgaard (Trek Segafredo), and Jimmy Janssens (Alpsin-Phoenix).

15.43 The group falls on the fugitives.

15.40 Vitznau, flying finish line, less than 15 km away.

15.37 The group recovers: a few kilometers ate almost 30 degrees Celsius.

15.33 up front at the moment, the three defectors have a 1’56” advantage.

15.29 There are 72 km to the end.

15.24 The riders approach the finish line at Bronnen.

15.20 The gap between the group and the race leader is less than 2 minutes

15.16 It is hot during the race: the temperature is around 29 degrees.

15.13 The Fugitive Advantage dwindles to just over two minutes.

15.10 The overall average for the first two hours of the race is 47 km/h.

15.07 James Knox (Fast-Step Alpha Vinyl Team) and Trek Segafredo rider participate.

15.03 Attention, there is a fall in the group!

14.59 about ninety kilometers to the end.

14.56 Fixed posting.

14.53 The collection is now pulled by Movistar and EF Education-Easypost.

14.49 Let us remember the three fugitives: Matthew Holmes (Loto Soudal), Marcus Holgaard (Trek Segafredo) and Jimmy Janssens (Alpecin-Phoenix), none of them are serious in terms of the overall rating. They are all actually over 10′.

14.45 At the moment, the gap between the three fugitives and the group drops to 2’43”.

14.41 At the finish line by plane in Vitznau there are 57 kilometers left.

14.37 Less than 120 km to the finish.

14.33 The group nibbles a minute of the fugitives. Now the difference between fugitive and platoon is 3′.

14.28 average 45.4 km/h.

14.24 more than an hour of competition went to the archive.

14.21 Movistar and Ineos lead the group.

14.18 nearly 70 kilometers went to the archive

14.15 The feature on the set is about 4′.

14.10 There are three fugitives: Matthew Holmes (Loto Soudal), Marcus Holgaard (Trek Segafredo) and Jimmy Janssens (Alpsin-Phoenix).

14.05 Grenchen to Brunnen: The runners are already on the track.

14.00 Good morning to all OA Sport friends and welcome to the story of Stage 4 of the Tour of Switzerland 2022.

Hello everyone and welcome to LIVE LIVE written in the fourth stage of the Giro di Svizzera 2022, Grenchen – Brunnen has a length of 191 km, a part that can still present an interesting opportunity for the fastest wheels of the group.

progression stage The main hazards were placed in the third GPM category in the first part of the stagerise of Kappelen, In the second category the GPM is placed at the end of the stage.

After the Satel summit (3.8 km at 7.6%) in fact, there will be a long incline and easy extension leading to the finish line.

Who will be able to win at the Bronnen finish line? Beware of the potential appearance of Peter Saganwho finished the day behind Slovakian Brian Kokoar and Alexander Kristof, To which is added blue Alberto Petitol, “host” Mark Hershey and possibly the last shot by Remko Evenpoel.

The live broadcast of Round 4 of Switzerland 2022 will start at 2.00pm: Enjoy!

Photo: Pierre Colombo

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