A drug for cholesterol and heart, it’s a warning: it has serious side effects

Cholesterol and heart medications have serious side effects that can have serious health consequences for those who take them.

Medicines are intended to treat specific diseases or to ensure that a person can live with the disease, without serious consequences. Think high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes: deadly diseases with which millions of people in the world live today, leading normal lives.

All medicines have side effects. Before it is put on the market, in fact, meticulous analyzes and tests are used that are accustomed to it Evaluate the risk-benefit ratio.

Recently, the name of the drug generally administered by doctors has appeared Treating cholesterol and cardiovascular problems. Unfortunately, taking this drug in a large number of patients has led to myopathy.

Cholesterol and heart drugs put consumer health at risk

Drugs he keeps at bay Cholesterol and cardiovascular diseasewhich may have serious consequences for the health of those who take it, is the statin.

It is a widely used remedy for cholesterol, which is beneficial Plaque solution that form in the arteries, causing heart attacks.

These medications must be taken for life. Thanks to statins, about 200 million people are able to live with a disease that could have led to death.

Statins were first used in 1987, so it is a substance whose properties have been known for more than a century.

This means that statins were taken Several clinical studies, In which thousands of patients participated. The results of her tests The efficacy of the drug has been proven. But despite this, there are still those who doubt the true effectiveness of statins.

What are statins and why are they dangerous?

They are online now Seven types of statins that perform various functions in the body.

In fact, there are some statins that have been prescribed Counter bad cholesterol (the so-called bad cholesterol) and other drugs that are used instead Preventing cholesterol formation.

Some recent research has shown that statins It does not increase the risk of cancerHowever, some tests have shown the presence of Somewhat serious side effects.

One of the most common contraindications is myopathy, Or a painful muscle disorder. In fact, myopathy is a muscle disorder It mainly affects the voluntary muscles, Also called striped.

So we refer to all those muscles that are activated according to a person’s will. When a myopathy impairs muscle performance, people notice that their muscle fibers They no longer work properly.

Although this disease mainly affects voluntary muscles, in severe cases It can also affect involuntary muscles, such as the heart.

In some cases, symptoms appear soon after taking the medication and a person may immediately notice:

  • muscle weakness
  • cramps
  • tendon problems
  • fatigue

Effects of statins

So far, it is not known what causes myopathy in those taking statins. basically, The relationship between the drug and the disorder is unknown, That is, how it works on the muscles, which leads to a defect in their functions.

statins in all likelihood Interfering with a major protein This allows muscle development. Other theories speculate, however, that the drug could create one reduce coenzyme Q10, Which performs an important function by providing energy to the cells of the whole body, including muscle cells, so that they can function properly.

A more recent study, dated 2019, speculates so Statins negatively affect muscle tissue because they cause the release of calcium in the muscles. This phenomenon will have many consequences for human health, including muscle pain and weakness.

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