After the trial, Amber Heard admitted: “I still love Johnny Depp”

I like. I loved him with all my heart and did my best to make our badly damaged relationship a success

. But I didn’t succeed,” explained the actress, adding:

I don’t have any negative feelings towards him

. I know it can be hard to understand or it can be really easy to understand. If you’ve ever loved someone, it should be easy.”

Speaking about how she still feels about the ex, Amber Heard added that she will rewrite the famous editorial again in Washington Post who took her to court and asserted that “

It wasn’t about my relationship with Johnny

The actress claims she didn’t want to denigrate Depp but that she “gave my voice to a bigger rhetoric” about domestic violence.

Pressed by Savannah Guthrie, Heard pondered her public perception regarding when Depp wrote to her that she would suffer universal humiliation:

I’m not a good victim, you noticed

. I’m not a nice victim. I am not a complete victim. But the moment I testified, I asked the jury to see me only as a human and to hear his own words which included a promise that he would.”

Amber Heard will have to compensate the actor with $10 million: “I understand and respect the jury, but it was an unfair trial against me,” the actress said during her first television statement. “I understand their decision: He’s a likable character and people feel like they know him, he’s a great actor.” On the other hand, after the news was circulated in the past few hours, the role of the actress was shown in it

Aquaman 2

The denial of a spokeswoman for the actress came: “The rumors have been going on since day one: they are inaccurate, insensitive and crazy.”

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