Alberto is on a rampage

Charlene of Monaco disappeared from the scene. Some French newspapers are talking about it “crash” It is not related to his state of health, but to family tensions within the palace. Meanwhile, Alberto tries to nip indiscretion in the bud by once again talking about his ideal relationship with his wife. So yellow becomes more complex.

Charlene from Monaco, what happened to her?

Since the beginning of June, Charlene from Monaco no longer shows herself in public. The princess contracted with Covid, Roca, after the first official contact that reassured her health, and she no longer issued any statements. And the former swimmer simply fainted again, after being off stage for a year with a serious infection that hit her throat, nose and ears and put her to the test.

So she had just come back with Alberto and his two children, Jack and Gabriella, and left them again a little over a month later. The prince goes to institutional obligations with his children, is photographed with the beautiful Victoria Sylvestedt, and reveals his secret castle forbidden even to his wife. Life seems to pass without problems, albeit without Charlene to be found in isolation To Roc Angel, Grimaldi’s mansion in the hills. The palace is silent.

Charlene from Monaco, the reasons for the sudden collapse

But the French press is talking. Acto France writes about crash From Alberto’s wife, the emotional breakdown is more than the physical, given that the causes are not to be found either in Covid or in previous infections, but in some family dynamics that would put her to a severe test. First, the thorny issue of Nicole Coast, the former lover of the prince from whom he bore his son, Alexander, who is about to turn 18. The woman worked in Charlene’s absence to get the boy accepted into court and appears to be moving in to receive an invitation to the exclusive Red Cross ball, like last year.

That would be exactly the point. It is not yet clear if the princess will be able to attend that and the pink ball in July. Everything will depend on how Covid develops and in general on his psychosomatic state.

Albert denounced Monaco

Meanwhile, Albert of Monaco does not accept this gossip about his wife and private life. Although in public he always appears calm and smiling, especially if Jack and Gabriella are with him, His disappointment is obviousas . points out Madame Le Figaro. Without using empty terms denounce Persistent malicious rumors about Charlene and her marriage. After refuting the news of a contract worth 12 million euros annually that he will pay his wife for her presence with him, he reiterated once again that his relationship with the princess is solid, that they do not intend to divorce or separate and that despite their gossip their love is great.

A complex plot unenviable gossip of the 60s, when its heroes were the parents of Alberto, Ranieri and Grace Kelly.

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