All difficulties (and doubts) regarding supplies to Ukraine-

Zelensky continues to call out other weapons, numbers that are impossible to please. France, Italy and Germany wonder how long it will be worth doing this: if obstacles arise and the bear advances, it becomes easier to justify braking

in certain stories The truth is somewhere in between. More important for us is the question of military aid to Ukraine: it is never enough, there are bottlenecks, take time.

old systems

Ukrainians are Fond of old systems, some of which go back – as a concept – to the Soviet eraor adopt agile solutions. The choice is related to the moment, with the destruction of the forehead by continuous protrusions. It so happened that they preferred to use the gods Modified commercial drones to drop grenades instead of relying on modern Switchblade kamikaze drones sent by the United States. Practical issue – explains CNN -, from imperfect preparation, for immediate needs. So obviously on the battlefield, under difficult circumstances A soldier has a better drive for a vehicle he’s known for years Instead of an unprecedented armored vehicle. Except that we are in transition: The defense should gradually pass into NATO materials, with everything that goes with it. American sources leaked that the training of the now famous long-range rocket launcher Himaris has been shortened, while the training for the 155-mm guns, also American, seems to be faster, which had a positive effect on the defenders. Even for the French tsars, information appeared about its complexity, which was outdated at that time. all close: Inferiority in numbers and power can be masked by technical shortcomings and a scarcity of resources.

the robe

A well-followed expert, former US General Mark Hurtling, pointed out that The arrival of large self-propelled tanks (and the like) requires a logistical commitment: You must have teams to check maintenance or repair malfunctions. The line was extended with the presence of devices from different countries. Great effort for Kiev: The material enters from the western border, reaches the sorting destinations, and is sent towards the combat zone. Not neglecting that the Russians are trying in every way to destroy the cargoes of cruise ships: here it is Zelensky added anti-missile missiles to his wish list. Another aspect is gun wear, a problem that affects competitors. The Russians shoot thousands of bullets a day, a little less than their opponents, and This affects the tubes, which are often very old. In fact, pictures of guns torn with ammunition that have been in warehouses for years have surfaced, with quality deteriorating. Then Washington turned to Romania and Bulgaria To increase the production of 152 mm grenades, the basic caliber of Ukrainian parts.


The news had already come out a few weeks ago, and now it’s re-launched Washington Post With a semi-ironic title: Kyiv soldiers do not have a help center to call anti-tank Javelin. The United States shipped more than 5,000 copies, and videos on the web showed that it was only the center of its goal Sometimes they lack some key ingredientsFrom training tools to hard-to-use components without them. An American warrior, Mark Hayward, traveled to Ukraine to help the resistance repair broken Javelins and said that in some cases, Zelensky’s men were. We had to use parts of JoyPad for video games and resort to Google translations To understand the instructions. When they were there, because they were often completely lost and the Ukrainians could not call the toll-free number for customer service, which is necessary to understand how it works or solve problems. The story ended up in the halls of Congress as evidence of trouble caused by bureaucracy, rushing shipping, and involuntary stumbling. War machines are never perfect, even less so if there is an urgent need. Demand is outstripping supply and you have to hurry.

Press reports describe fragments, and do not claim to have general value, but the narrative shows how Massive Atlantic support revived the offensive. This does not preclude having different ideas. Zelensky continues to call up other weapons: the last list included 1,000 155-mm guns, 300 MLRS systems, 500 tanks, 2,000 armored vehicles and 1,000 UAVs, numbers that are impossible to satisfy. Part of the western camp – France, Italy and Germany – wonders As long as it pays to do so. If obstacles appear and the bear moves forward, it becomes easier to justify braking. Even in some corridors of American power, questions arise. A view that contrasts with those – in Washington, London, Warsaw and the Baltic region – who believe there is no alternative to prolonged support. The willing party shall ensure, in addition to the means, larger format And some brochures for more instructions. Currently, the White House has authorized a new $1 billion package: it includes more artillery, long-range rocket launchers, ammunition, anti-ship missiles, and medical equipment.

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